Hour Blocks Promo ArtworkSource: Eledev Digital

What you need to know

  • Hour Blocks helps you plan your day in an interesting way.
  • Users set out their plans in hour-long blocks.
  • Those blocks can then be viewed in new iOS 14 widgets.

Planning your days isn't a fun time unless you're a bit strange and have a thing for productivity apps – just like I do! But sometimes an app pops up that makes it less painful. Maybe, dare I say, fun. And if it actually works, that's a real bonus. I've been testing Hour Blocks: Day Planner for a few weeks and the new update is now up on the App Store, complete with iOS 14 Home widgets.

The theory behind Hour Blocks is a simple one. Users set a task or a calendar entry for an hour-long block of time. And that's it. You can set tasks that you want to do during that time or just say you want to work or exercise or, if you're lucky, sleep! It's something that works equally well whether you're a student, a parent, or running your own business.

Hour Blocks presents a chronological timeline of your next 24 hours, allowing you to focus on what's truly next, rather than crowding you with anything and everything you have coming up in your life.

This being iOS 14 week, Hour Blocks has some of its own that can be used to show what you should be doing right now. It's a handy little reminder should you need it, and the widgets look good to boot. If you're looking for something that's at the complete opposite end of the productivity scale to something like OmniFocus or Things, you're going to love this.

You can download Hour Blocks: Day Planner from the App Store right now for $3.99 and it's worth every penny.

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