How to play your favorite Facebook games on your new iPad

If you got a new iPad and immediately went to to play your favorite Facebook games, you may have notices they didn't work on the iPad browser. Don't panic! While Safari doesn't support the Flash plugin needed to play those games in the browser, there are several other ways to get your Facebook gaming fix on your new iPad.

Facebook games in the App Store

How to play your favorite Facebook games on your new iPad

A lot of the popular games that you play on Facebook most likely have an App Store counterpart that you can download and run on your iPad. Many of them will even let you sign in with your Facebook account to log in and it'll bring down all your data, so you can keep playing with all your stuff, against all your friends, right where you left off.

I've actually found that I enjoy playing most Facebook games on my iPad rather than on the website. It's always been a better experience for me.

Here are some App Store equivalents of your favorite Facebook game:

Angry Birds - $0.99 - Download Now

Bejeweled Blitz - Free - Download Now

FarmVille - Free - Download Now

Fruit Ninja HD - $2.99 - Download Now

Words with Friends HD - $2.99 - Download Now

Diamond Dash - Free - Download Now

While these are nowhere near all the games available on Facebook, these tend to be some of the most popular ones. If you play another game on Facebook, odds are a quick search for it in the App Store should bring up an iPad version. Most of the games listed above also have a light or ad-supported free version as well if you'd like to try before you buy.

If it doesn't, there may still be a way to enjoy your favorite Facebook game from your iPad.

Facebook games with iSwifter

iSwifter brings Facebook game alternatives to your new iPad

If you can't find your favorite Facebook game in the iPad App Store, you can try the iSwifter app. It lets you access a lot of popular social games that don't have App Store alternatives.

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