Pocket Casts WatchSource: Pocket Casts

What you need to know

  • Podcast platform Pocket Casts has a big new update.
  • Pocket Casts Plus subscribers can now use Apple Watch for standalone playback.
  • There's also a new theme and new icons.

Podcast platform Pocket Casts now supports standalone playback from Apple Watch if you're a Pocket Casts Plus subscriber.

In a blog post early this morning Pocket Casts revealed the changes:

It probably won't surprise you to know that when you email and tweet at us, our amazing support people collate those requests so that we can see how many people are asking for different features. When it comes time to do a new release we look across these lists to see what makes sense to release in an update along with all the other things we have planned. On iOS, one thing stood out loud and clear. Those of you, like me, with Apple Watch's on your wrists wanted to take your podcasts to more places, without needing to be tethered to your phone. Well today is your day! Turn your aspirational phone-less jogs, walks and rides into reality with our 7.9 update.

As noted, Pocket Casts Plus subscribers can now playback podcasts directly from apple Watch. Users can view their subscribed podcasts, filters and files whilst connected to WiFi or cellular, and can download or stream them with ease. Of course, once downloaded, you'll be able to venture out and about without your phone and keep listening.

Pocket Casts has also added a new theme, radioactivity, perfect if you've ever wanted to listen to podcasts from a Pip-Boy whilst wandering the capital wasteland. Again, this feature is only available to Pocket Casts Plus subscribers.

Pocket Casts ThemeSource: Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts has also updated the four icons for its respective themes.

The new update also includes improvements to Pocket Casts 'Trim Silence' algorithm, accessibility improvements, and more.

Pocket Casts made headlines last week after its app was removed from the Chinese App Store over content "illegal in China", the latest platform to fall foul of censorship in the country.