PowerA Pokémon Expressions case for Nintendo Switch review: Great protection and excellent design

Powera Pokemon Expressions Case
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Bottom line: PowerA delivers all of the features you could want in this charming Pokémon-themed case. There's slots for up to nine games, plenty of storage space, and a protective shell. It's a great buy for any Pokémon fans.


  • +

    Cool Pokémon design

  • +

    Storage area

  • +

    Slots for 9 games

  • +

    Carrying handle


  • -

    Only one color choice

  • -

    Bulbasaur's color is more blue than green

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I've loved the Pokémon series ever since I first played Pokémon Red on my Game Boy back in the 90s. Over the years I've acquired several Pokémon-themed fan-art, clothes, collectibles, and gaming accessories. So when I saw the PowerA Pokémon Expressions carrying case, I was dying to review it.

This case sports emoji-like faces of the Gen 1 starters: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, along with favorites Pikachu and Eevee. But it doesn't just look cool. This carrying case has plenty of other features that make it a desirable accessory for any Nintendo Switch owner.

There's also a version of this Pokémon Expressions case for the Nintendo Switch Lite in case you're interested in that.

PowerA Pokémon Expressions case What I like

Powera Pokemon Expressions Case Inside

Powera Pokemon Expressions Case Inside (Image credit: iMore)

This case is as convenient as it is adorable. The outer shell is hard on the top and bottom to better protect your Nintendo Switch from bumps or drops. Inside the case, there's zippered storage space kept behind a mesh wall that can hold several small accessories like Joy-Cons and cables.

Powera Pokemon Expressions Case Backside (Image credit: iMore)

My personal rule is that carrying cases should be able to hold at least eight game cartridges, and this case slightly surpasses that amount by offering nine slots. So, you can definitely bring a decent number of games with you wherever you go. The backside of the game card holder is covered in soft material and serves as a padded screen protector for when I place my Nintendo Switch within the case. There's also a small elastic strap with velcro on one end that I can wrap around my Switch and then attach to the game cartridge flap to ensure that my console won't move around during transit.

To top it all off, there's also a soft rubber handle on top making it easier to transport the case. The zipper tabs on the exterior are covered in the same soft rubber makeing them pleasant to touch while also giving the whole case a beautiful aesthetic.

PowerA Pokémon Expressions case What I don't like

Powera Pokemon Expressions Case Zipper

Powera Pokemon Expressions Case Zipper (Image credit: iMore)

Overall, this PowerA case is a fantastic purchase than any Pokémon fan or even any Nintendo Switch owner would benefit from using. One thing that bothers me a little is that the color dot that appears on Bulbsaur's face is more blue than green. I get that Bulbasaur is a mix of the two colors, but given that Squirtle already takes up the blue coloring it would have looked better if the Bulbasaur faces were more distinct looking. As it is, it's hard to tell the two Pokémon apart from a quick glance at the case.

This PowerA case is a fantastic purchase than any Pokémon fan or even any Nintendo Switch owner would benefit from using.

The only thing that would make it better is if there were a few different color choices to choose form. The predominant blue rubber on the handle and zippers puts me in mind of Squirtle. I wish there were a few different color designs that centered on each of the Pokémon featured on the top. But other than that, this is an awesome case that I plan on using for a long time.

PowerA Pokémon Expressions case Should you buy it?

Powera Pokemon Expressions Case Front Side

Powera Pokemon Expressions Case Front Side (Image credit: iMore)

Yes. I could drag the answer out, but that's the honest truth. Whether you love Pokémon or you are looking for a good case for your Nintendo Switch the PowerA Pokémon Expressions case is a great purchase. It offers plenty of storage space for small accessories, has an awesome design on the front, features a protective shell to keep your Nintendo Switch safe, and has slots for up to nine game cartridges.

You'll be able to carry around your most important accessories and games while using this case and will look stylish while doing it. I do wish that there were more color options, but aside from that, this is a great carrying case for Nintendo Switch owners whether they're looking for a travel case for vacation or a simple carrying case for their regular commute.

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