Pre-Review: Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HD A2DP Stereo Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3.0

Come this “summer”, iPhone 3.0 — see our walkthrough — will allow iPhone users to enjoy new Bluetooth functionalityincluding stereo headsets, both the A2DP audio and ARCP control protocols. And if you're a developer, you likely have this functionality already for testing purposes.

A while back I took a preview look at the Motorola S9 Stereo Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3.0. Looks like they've gone and grown up! If budget is less of a concern to you than sound, and you want to enjoy your audio on the go, the Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HD (the "-HD" being the key -- and really only -- differentiator here!) are something you definitely want to consider (available now from our sibling store at WMExperts).

Note: This pre-review will not be focusing on iPhone 3.0 functionality, which is currently in closed beta. It will concentrate only on the headset itself. However, for those developers needing an A2DP headset for testing 3.0, it’s our understanding this one works well on multiple units, over multiple carriers.

About that -HD

I'm not going to bore you with a re-hash review. This headset, as mentioned above, is almost identical to the non-HD version reviewed previously. The big difference, of course, is the "-HD" itself, and that's what we'll focus on here. Starting with: how big a difference is it?

BIG. The bass is bigger, the emersion experience is better, the depth and scope of the sound in general is brighter. They call it SRS WOW HD technology. Given that A2DP will never equal great wired earphones, and great wired earphones will never equal vinyl and vinyl will never equal great live music, as far as stereo Bluetooth headsets go, these S9-HD certainly nail the WOW.

Addendum: In the previous review, one of the commenters asked about glasses. I wear glasses, and while all glasses will vary in size and form factor, I had no problem wearing the S9-HD for long p


The same sizing and form factor issues plague this headset as did it's non-HD sibling. If your head doesn't fall into the comfortable rang, and you want to be able to lie on your back while listening, these aren't the headset for you. Likewise, if you value price over performance, look at those non-HD siblings. If you want this form factor and sound quality matters to you, these are top of the charts -- easily.


  • Great sound
  • Good battery life
  • Light and comfortable
  • Well suited for on-the-go use.


  • May not fit all head sizes
  • Not well-suited for lying down

TiPb Accessory Pre-Review Rating

4.5 star rating

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Rene Ritchie

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  • Are these being presented as something that you could wear during a workout. I have a pair of the old ones, and reviews questioned whether they would hold up to a sweaty head. If they did this would be pretty good because the iPhone has issues with moisture.
  • Not well suited for lying down hmm, I was just lying across my bed listening to Kelly clarkston
  • Looks like these will be my hold overs until I get another pair of Shure SE530s and just in time for the next iPhone. These are very cool.
  • I love the s9 headset. I have to agree about them not being very good lying down. I just use earbuds instead.
  • I bought these to test A2DP on 3.0 b1. As of the last beta they work almost perfect, although they did break up a bit while running.
    As for comfort these are great for working out as they don't fall out and of course the no wires helps a lot. I can't wear them while laying down as it pushes it out of my ears so for bench press they aren't great.
  • looks like some one can snatch this right off the back of your neck.
  • I've been using JayBird iphone bluetooth headphones for a while and loving them. I had an S9 before that and have also tried the Plantronics Voyager. I found the JayBird is the better of the 3 for work outs cause they stay on so well. They're also a good small size which I like. I can't wait to try these though...
  • Do all the buttons work over A2DP & ARCP with iphone 3.0?
    ie: Volume up/down, play/pause, next/prev track
    I have heard conflicting reports for both these HD's and the regular S9's. Confirmation would be great before purchasing either. Thanks
  • They're not bad, but they can be a hassle. If you're wearing a jacket with a hood, or high-ish collar, they get bumped around -- can be very annoying.
    If you have them hooked up to your home system to watch/listen to multimedia, they hit the back of a chair or sofa and can get pushed out of your ears.
    Limited in use scenarios before the annoyance factor sets in... I'd say the star-rating here is quite generous, seems more like 3-stars overall, possibly higher if you're going on comparative Bluetooth sound quality alone.
  • I bought a pair of these today. The headphones work really well with the iPhone 3.0 update on my 3G; the sound is clear, bass is deep, and they are moderately comfortable. However, the only working buttons on mine are the volume up/down and play/pause buttons. I can live with this, but it'd be nice if the other buttons actually did work.
  • I puchased the motorokr S9-HD to use with my iPhone 3.0 OS, the sound is great but I am somehow dissapointed that some of the control buttons do not work at all, like rewind and forward buttons. Is there anybody else having the same problem? I hope the issue could be fixed.
  • I have the same problem with my S9's. The sound great, but it is lacking when you can't advance your music while running, without having to unlock and control from the phone. The shake option is ok, but you can't do that if your phone is locked or is not in IPOD mode.
  • It really sucks that the shuffle trick does not work while the phone 3.0 OS is locked. But about the back and forward buttons on the S9-HD don't even work while watching a movie. I use to keep my phone in my pocket connected with a Scosche Z4 streamer and the S9-HD before the 3.0 update and when listening to music I could select any song back and forward without any problem and now that I have the update I don't need the streamer with the two buttons don't work. Maybe Apple or any developer could come out with something to fix the problem.
  • I have the s-9 HDs with the 3.0 software and have the same problem.
    I found on apples web site forem that others have the same issue but at the bottom post someone says it's a problem with the AVRCP profile . Apple knows about the issue and has a open case on it. I would go and post on apples web site on this problem so there would be a bug fix!!! If you know what I talking about......(-;
  • Regarding the forwrad/back buttons: it's an iPhone limitation. "iPhone 3.0 Software doesn't provide support for Bluetooth's AudioVideo Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), which allows a Bluetooth accessory to control media playback." from PC World.
  • I have the same problems with the rewind or forward button on my bluetooth head set only thing that works is the volume buttons (thank god) is this a 3.0 issue or what?
  • Most of you guys are blessed because NONE of the S9-HD controls work with my upgraded 3.0 OS.
  • I just purchased the S9HD Motorola S9-HD and I can't believe that skip forward and backwards does not work with the iPhone 3. OS. Has anyone found an application that will make these buttons work?
  • I just bought the S9-HD and when I first cracked them open, the phone button faithfully answered calls and the play/pause button did what it was supposed to do on my iPhone 3G. I was upset that the FF/RW buttons didn't work, but oh well. Now, not two days later, the phone and play/pause buttons increase and decrease the volume of the headset!! The actual volume buttons work, too, but this is very strange behavior. Also, the WOW function no longer works. All this after one sweaty bikek ride home. Has anyone else run into this issue?
  • I am only getting sound out of the left ear speaker...anyone else experience this?
  • I have the same problem - audio only from the left ear. When I first got it it was in stereo. The next time I tried it, only the left side worked. Paired the headphone with another computer same problem. Called Motorola they will be sending out replacement. Will need to send back defective one, within 30 day or they will charge you. Hope the replacement comes soon.
  • The Motorola S9-HD is reported to "handle calls". How does this work? There is not a microphone, correct? Do you hold the phone to your mouth and listen through the headphones?
  • Last comment was funny but anyway, i purchased the Motorola S9-HD a week ago and i can say the rewind and forward don't work like others have mentioned but the rest work good, like the play/stop, wow sound On/Off, answering and ending calls and the volume control. Now to why the forward and rewind don't work. I did a little research and found out that the Apple iphone 3.0 firmware doesn't have the Bluetooth’s Audio Video Remote Control Profile or you can say(AVRCP), that allows the Bluetooth to control media playback. It only comes with A2DP. Apple come on Step up your game
  • Just to add I purchased the Altec Lansing Back Beat 906 and use it with my iPhone 3G 3.0 OS and whenever I put my phone in the holster the audio goes in and out. I don't know if it's because of the Bluetooth 2.0 the iPhone has and the headphones are a Bluetooth 2.1 or not. Does anyone knows what version of Bluetooth that the S9-HD is, because I'm ready to go purchase these after reading these reviews.
  • well, it sounds great, but all the buttons do not work with the iphone 3gs. i am debating now to send it back. for $89 i expect it to work.
  • I have the 3gs and Motorola S9-HD as well as Motorola S9 and all buttons work fine except back and forward buttons, and that issue has already been discuses here. PS, back and forward don't work with any bluetooth head set on iPhone, at least not without an adapter. I don't know if they work when you use an adapter, I don't own one.
  • I have the Motorola S9-HD and the new iPhone 3. OS. As with everyone above, the forward or rewind doesn't work, I can live with that. But the most aggravating thing is that the "voice" dials aren't working. Holding down the button on the S9 HD does a redial while on the iphone it's supposed to activate the voice commands. So there's another compatibality issue...
  • I got a smaller head than average.. Has any else with a smallish head try these?.. Cause if not mistaken there not adjustable
  • Apple definitely will have a fix for this and it is called Apple Bluetooth Headsets coming to their store real soon. Too much money is involved in this. You think they gonna leave the millions of dollars on the table for this your crazy!
  • I love my S-9 HD's. But I really miss the ability to forward and rewind music since buying my iPhone 3Gs. It affects the way I have traditionally used my phones, especially while working out. Apple really needs to fix this fast. It's frustrating that this phone will do everything under the sun except one feature that I use multiple times a day in my every day life. I expect more from Apple.
  • I just purchased my S9-HD a few days ago. When I'm indoors, it works like a charm. However, when I'm on the street (especially in the city), the music skips alot and/or the music speeds up. I'm thinking that it struggles because it may be picking up other blue tooth ready devices. The Motorola tech I instant messaged with said that it was impossible. Then, why doesn't it only happen when I'm on busy streets?
  • SO I just ordered a pair from Amazon and my plan is to somehow waterproof these better. I have a question though to those current/past owners.
    Where do you think the water/moisture is seeping in? Through the actual volume switch or through the earbud, or both? I'd like to apply a thin silicone seal over any openings and maybe adding some foam into the ear buds to block mass moisture.
    Any ideas?
  • With the iPhone 3G, I was a little disappointed that my motorola S9-HD headset lost the forward and backwards buttons functionality, however I was okay with it, but I just purchased an iPhone 3GS and am very disappointed cause now I have lost complete functionality with the play/pause buttons as well, yet on my brother's blackberry, this headset has full complete functionality of all buttons.
    Is there any fix to this that anyone can think of that could possibly provide support for the motorola S9-HD headset to fully function?
  • Tried a pair but didn't fit my big head. Ear buds wouldn't stay in my ears.
  • I just purchase the Moto S9-HD headset it worked perfectly the 1st time. Later that day I wanted to use them again and it started skipping parts of the song and I notice that it would be 4 seconds behind the song while it played on my iPod device. This is happening while I'm just sitting down playing on the computer. I'm not running, walking away from the iPod device. Any reason why this is happening?
  • Well, the iPhone 3Gs is certainly capable of using the FFW and RW buttons on these headsets, I believe that for some odd reason they hobbled the feature. The reason I say this is because I discovered that the features work when I'm using my NIKE+ running shoes and the NIKE+ application on my iPhone. It will pause and skip tracks forward and back with the controls on the S9Hd headsets. I also confirmed this works well with the basic S9 headsets. So the real hangup is not the phone. but the programming on the phone for the Blutooth controls. Why would it work for just the NIKE app...???? Apple is wierd like that. Luckily I'm running and walking more often now, so I use the Nike app to track it and the full features of the headset work. But only when in the NIKE+ application.
  • Just received my S9HD today. I was worried about reviews complaining about the music skipping. I didn't mind the FFW and RW not working. The set worked great while at home or in the car. Just as soon as I get on the track walking they start cutting out. This happens especially if I turn my head left or right. Sometimes it cuts out for no apparant reason. My Iphone 3gs is in a holster and I'm guessing the headset is losing connection with the phone. If I place my hand over the phone or headset it causes it to skip and loses connection. This means that when my arm moves next to my phone it cuts out too. I guess being in the car or house is bouncing the bluetooth signal back to the phone so it doesn't skip when I try the same "test". Mine are going back to the vendor tomorrow for this reason. I bought them specifically for the track so I don't get tangled up in my wires.
  • I have the same cutting out problem when running. Its fine if I'm still. I don't know if its a headphone or Ipod issue. I've seen somewhere that bluetooth devices automatically scale back the power when close to the paired device to save power. The sudden movement back and forth it can't handle. Wild guess, but sounds likely.
  • Same stupid cutting problem, sounds like a desparatly needed software update should be in order.
  • I have returned three pairs of S9 headsets which either stopped working entirely or had buttons cease functioning after several heavy-duty workouts. Admittedly, I sweat a lot and I work out intensly. Still, I have come to the conclusion that the S9 is simply not suitable for use as a workout headset (at least not if you sweat enough during your workout to get water on your S9).
    A Motorola customer service rep, one of many I have spoken with since I first purchased my S9 over two years ago, aIn an honest moment stated that the S9 will malfunction if it gets wet, including if sweat gets on the headset. The rep advised letting the S9's charge completely drain and then recharge; if that does not fix the problem, welcome to the world of many S9 owners who believed Motorola's PR regarding this device's usefulness as a cordless workout headset. I found quite a number of similar complaints about the S9 with a simple Google search. I warn anyone who wants to use the S9 for working out: if you break a sweat while exercising, stay away.
    Has anyone tried the Blackbird BT headset? If so, what do you think if them?
    BTW, I have also read that the call answer, FF and REV functions do not work on the S9 because Apple has chosen not to support those functions generally. Perhaps Apple is planning on developing it's own BT headset and wants to ensure that only it's device offers the full range of functionality.
  • Oops, I meant the Jaybird headset, not the Blackbird. Sorry.
  • I have started having problems with my S9-HD, which is only a couple of months old, that during a workout the volume will start going up or down with the beeps like you are pushing the button on the side of the headset, and you can't adjust the volume anymore with the buttons when this happens. I would assume it is from sweat causing a short in the headset. Once again I think they missed the mark on Quality Control. Has anyone else seen this issue?
  • @ Gringo: Please see my post up a couple. You are describing exactly the repeated problems I've had with the S9. Each pair of my S9s exhibited behavoirs similar to what you describe before finally crapping out.
  • I have just had customer service send me my third set, and hope these last longer. They have been averaging about 2 months each. I will continue to do this till my one year warranty runs out, or I get a set that continues to work.
    Did you ever get a response from anyone on the Jaybird headset, or did you try them your self?
    Does anyone else have a headset they would recommend?
  • @ Gringo: Good luck with the third set. If you could, post here if the problem remains (I hope it doesn't for your sake but I suspect it will; it's the reason I won't even consider the S9-HD).
    I haven't gotten any responses on the Jaybirds (at least not yet; any thoughts from Jaybird owners would be greatly appreciated). If I don't hear something in the next week or two I'll take the plunge. I'll probably buy some plantronix ear buds to, hopefully create a better ear canal seal and, thereby, boost the bass of the Jaybirds. In any event, I'll be sure to post my thoughts in this thread.
  • I have a 2G on 3.0 firmware. It says it's paired and connected but music won't play through the headset? WTF???
  • I'm using a jailbroken iphone 3g version 3.0.1 with cydia. I bought the S9 HD's last night; they sound amazing, the bass is loud and clear, they fit nicely (though not with a beanie which will make them bad for snowboarding), but the skip forward/back controls do not work. I paired/unpaired, powered on/off, no luck.
    Taking and ending calls worked just fine, though my wife said i sounded like I was standing further from the mic than with the standard Apple headset (which is to be expected because of the difference in the location of the mic on the two headsets).
    But I can't get past the skip forward/back buttons not working. Neither does the play/pause button. So now instead of being tethered to my phone by a cord, I would have to actually hold the phone in my hand to be able to control everything- which means the bluetooth feature provides, in the end, less freedom/convenience than standard wired headphones. No good. I'm taking them back today.
  • the solution (not the best solution) is "Volume Media Settings" this app let you change the songs using the volume keys from the iphone. so, you can change the songs using those keys, its the best solution... until now.
  • Well, I should be receiving my Jaybirds in the next couple of days. I'll post my thoughts here.
  • I do not see that app I typed in volume media settings which one is it...I just bought the S9HD today and same thing with the volume buttons I paid 100 bucks plus tax not worth it then if they are not going to fix this...also I saw the one in the apple store comes with an adapter is that only for it to work with the ipod or also the iphone?
  • I just purchased the S9HD. I found that by simply pairing the device with the headphones you can only pause and play music and answer phone calls. So I tried pairing it with the D670 adapter that come with the headset, the controls then worked, however I couldn't answer calls. Over all I hope that Apple fixes the bugs to allow for both to work at the same time, but meanwhile I guess it will have to do. Other than that, the sound quality is great. I haven't ran with them, but they seem to have a snug fit that shouldn't be affected by the movement.
  • i have had my s9hd for quite awhile now. the clarity of the music is excellent but then it is also excellent with the headphones that came with my ipod touch and iphone. i had an ipod touch first and had to use an adaptor to get bluetooth capability of course. i was getting the breaking up or cutting out when i would go jogging. i though it was the adaptor setup so i took the adaptor back. i then loaded my music on my krazor (phone i had then)to use for jogging. same thing happened with the cutting out. i was wanting to return them but couldnt find the receipt. i finally ended up with my beloved iphone, so i thought i would try them again. they never cut out or give me that problem with the iphone, so i don't know exactly what's up with all that. i really didn't want to post about all that though. i am really hear to say (and surprised i am the only one) is that i am bothered the most about how easily the earbuds fall off. and what's worse is they don't sell replacements at radio shack or best buy or anywhere else i have looked. it appears you have to order then online for $15.94 With shipping from motorola. and for that you get one small pair and one large pair, which really equals ONE pair you can actually use unless your ears are adjustable. i saw som cheapo aftermarket wannabees on ebay for a few bucks less but they didn't even look right. I bought these when they first came out and i think i paid around $115.00. For that kind of money i didn't expect so much hassle. and of of course the disappointment of no song forward or back as everyone mentioned.
  • corrections: line 5:thought line 12: here -----i can's just late! i don't usually post. i now see if i am going to go on a bit i should break it up into paragraphs to make it easier to read. sorry. better contributions in the future.
  • I now have had my 3rd set of S9HD for less than a Month and the volume controls are already shorting out. I guess I will continue trying new ones as long as they will send them to me, but until they redesign them to be sweat proof I would not recommend them as a good workout solution.
    Has anyone received their Jaybirds who can give us some feedback on them?
  • I just got a pair of S9-HD and tried to take a few phone calls. Everyone said they could barely hear me. I uss a Palm Pre so I don't know if that is the issue (yes, the Pre has a lot of issues - but I don't want to get into that here). So the question to you all is mic quality and what others are telling you they are or are not hearing. By the by I can forward with the S9-HD and Palm Pre while using Pandora - the internet music program that is somthing like a radio. I don't have music on my phone memory so I can't comment there. I was searching for a discussion on S9-hd and found you all. How are your mics working?
  • any update on the headset working with the iPhone being able to change the songs?
  • I have had nothing but good comments from people who I have had calls with the S9HD, but I have also had a real problem with the headsets shorting out. I love the sound and the way the headset work, but I have just had my 3rd one short out in less than a Month. I will say this for Motorola though, they do stand behind their device, so they are now sending me my 4th one.
    I guess I will have to stop using it for works, but that is what I bought it for!
  • I'm browsing reviews to see if anyone had the same issues with their S9HD that I'm having. I use mine quite a bit for making calls and have had mine to mute me several times. I can hear the person on the other end, but they can't hear me. The only solution has been to hang up and call back. I've also had people tell me that I sound garbled at times to the point that they can't tell what I'm saying at all. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • i have had to replace two of the s9-hd headsets because after 3 weeks I am no longer able to control the volume. motorola's support has hung up onme twice...
  • Do not, and I repeat, do not buy the s9-hd headset.
  • Sengimage said the forward/reverse feature worked when going through Nike+ but I didn't experience that. I have the iTouch now, though, and I have the sensor but not Nike shoes- maybe that's the difference. Perhaps it's just a setting?
  • Got these for Christmas, same issues with forward/back button. Found this on an Apple support discussion:
    Man what a battle this has been!!!
    I’ve been on the phone with Apple and Motorola for almost two weeks trying to figure out why the new Motorola S9-HD’s forward and backward button does not work with the new firmware 3.0 on both iPhone and iTouch.
    At first Motorola was saying that it should work because its compatible A2DP. Then Apple tells me that they took that feature out when the new firmware 3.0 came out!!! I’m a big fan of the Motorola S9 series. I had the old S9 and it was working perfect with firmware 2.2.1 on both iPhone and iTouch. When I was talking to Apple they said that they took the feature out so all that works with this headphone is play, pause, stop and volume. I couldn’t believe it!! They told me to make my voice heard in this forum and see how many other fans feel the same way that this feature its obviously important to have if you want to change track without having to take out your iPhone or iTouch.
    They said that if enough members request this feature back that it can be added in the next firmware release. If you feel this is something that you would like, please speak out.
    Why take out this feature in the first place makes no sense to me.
    If anyone figure out a way around this please share. Thank you everyone
    PS: I love Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just don’t understand why they do some things 
  • Just got the new S9-HD headset, the sound quality is increditble but like people mentioned forward/rewind buttons do NOT work.
  • I will just echo what everyone else has said. I can't get the FWD/REV buttons to work with iPhone 3GS. Very annoying, as this is the reason I got them in the first place. I really appreciate Jimmy's comments, but I want to know WHERE to post my distaste with Apple removing the app from the firmware. I will definately post it and have everyone I know also voice their opinion, I would just like to know where to do this. I feel better, though, that at least I am not the only one with this very frustrating problem.
    Also, any input on where to get the voice media settings app that was mentioned above?
  • i have the S9-HD paired with Iphone 3gs.
    Since the ff/RW don't work and am tired of searching for a good set of Headsets. Now i JUST HIT VOICE CONTROL and SPEAK " NEXT TRACK or PREViOUS TRACK.
    "What're you Gonna do?"
    such is life........
    Question: Has anyone been able to get ringtones to come thru the s9-hd?
  • These suck. They hurt and the earbuds always fall off.
    They are not functional at all
  • You really have to make sure you have a good sync. I hear people complain all the time that the connection is going in and out. It's not a reception issue, it means that they are not properly set up. I had the same problems too but after messing with it for awhile I can set my ipod touch (3.0 firmware) down on the bed and walk all the way out to the kitchen with perfect reception. I usually get the connection to work by putting it in pairing mode and while the ipod is trying to connect I hit play a few times. Sometimes I have to do it over again. The set up with the ipod is a little buggy but if you mess with it a little you get a perfect connection. My only problem is that it does not connect to my laptop via bluetooth dongle.
  • Oh, and add me to the crowd of angry people about the next and previous buttons not working. Why does Apple do such stupid things? If you have never tried these with any other device, don't worry, your buttons are not broken. It's the 3.0 firmware on your iphone/touch. My Samsung Solstice handles them just fine. Not as good of sound quality through the samsung though.
  • Some folks have written that older versions of firmware have worked with the forward and back track buttons. Does anyone still have an ipod with the older firmware to verify this, if it does work is there a wasy to restore an older version to my 3rd gen ipod Touch using 3.1.2 right now.
  • I'm on my 5th pair of these. Each set has had the same problem. stereo audio will sudenly fail and return after charging in the left earpiece. Each headset has lasted between 3-6 weeks.
    I have tried both the black and white versions, hoping that the white headset would be a newer revised version, but nope the same audio defect occurs.
    I am thinking on selling my next replacement set when I receive it but am looking for another comparable wireless headset. Any suggestions on another brand and/or how to reset the Moto headset to have stereo audio after it fails?
  • Just wanted to post another bit of info. I recommended this headset to a friend with a Blackberry Curve 8330. Over two months of routine use with no problems at all.
    Could it possibly be that the iphone does something via its bluetooth communication to damage the headset, OR have I just been incredibly unlucky in having the same exact problem develop with each new headset after a short period of use?
  • Isn't updating the firmware supposed to make the device more functional? APPLE, whats with the reverse engineering? Please let me use the headset the way it was intended.
  • Volume Media Control APP works great to change tracks
  • Jake, Can't find the APP your talking about. Jailbreak or Apple?
  • Yes! Where can we find this media control app !?!?!?/!
    Is it in iTUnes??!?!?
  • Its not able to sync for the newer ipod nanos...
  • Thanks for your comments, everybody. I'm not gonna buy one now. Whew! Saved me a hundred bucks!
  • Just snagged an app called Skip it! Allows skipping of songs by tapping the screen (so you don't have to aim for the damn buttons while exercising). Once for forward, twice for pause - and all swiping gestures are accepted (swipe right for forward, left for backward). Certainly not ideal; I payed $100+ for track control at the headphones - that's what I fuggin' wanted. At least this doesn't make me want to smash my nuts with a hammer for not doing better research before purchasing, and at 99 cents I'm not selling a kidney.
  • wow just found this forum. I'll add my two cents here too. I orignally had the rocketfish headphones (rf-bthp01). These look almost identical to the motorola s9-hd. got the for christmas. Same issues with the mototrola=Ff/RW doesn't work with the iPhone 3gs only play and volume. Not really that bIg of a deal. Also you can't really lay down with them, again not that big of a problem. Six weeks after I got them they failed first the volume up then the power button. Took them back to bestbuy got another unit this time with an extended warranty. These failed 42 days later. Buttons failed. Took them back again and this time they had been discontinued and I was forced to upgade to the s9-hd. And this time bestbuy wouldn't even sell them with an extended warranty. Well these have lasted three weeks and now the left speaker is failing. In my opinion don't buy these if you sweat. While they work the quality is pretty good but they're not durable at all.
    Sinistersushi did you ever get the jayhawks? Can anyone comment on these if they're Any good? Thanks
  • I bought these 7 months ago and think they are FANTASTIC
    No FF/RW but other than that I use them everyday all day. I climb in the rain.... they never fall off!!
    My one ear headset goes flying across my truck when looking around
    I guess there are some bad apples in the bunch but mine have and continue to work great...fingers crossed
  • Now on my 8th pair. Same problem each time. Volume goes out in the right ear piece after a couple weeks of use and lately the last two have stopped charging. I'm going to keep returning these until my 1 yr warranty expires. Going for 20!
  • NO SKIP FEATURE with iPhone 3GS..!!!
    I thought I had a defective pair of headphones. Now I know the entire Product Line of Motorokr S9-HD is DEFECTIVE!
    C'mon, Really.. No Skip Feature?!?!
    Bring back the Skip Feature or I'll have to bring back the headphones!
  • I gave away my S9, which doesn't work with the iphone 3g. I picked up the S9-HD last fall, and they work great with the exception of the earbuds. I am constantly digging around my laptop backpack for the missing earbuds. i applied a small amount of RTV silicone with poor results. Motorola should supply extra earbuds or update the earbud mold for a tighter fit. My Sony earbuds had the same problem. I bought a new pair of Sony's and the earbuds have a harder rubber core with a thinner, softer outer shell for comfort, and have not fallen off once.
    It would be appreciated if Apple would simply change the software to permit the search function on the S9-HD headset.
  • I bought one, and i have no idea how the hell to get it work on my ipod touch! i have no idea how to even set it up or anything. i cant hear music so a little HELP PLEASE
  • How do I enable the SRS WOW HD feature ? I kept pressing the fwd button but nothing happens afterwards. Surely there must be something that I am missing. How does one make use of the SRS WOW features as stated in the manuals ? Your response will be much appreciated.
  • Sharath, just keep pressing the >> ff button for about 5 seconds, and you'll hear a beep and a much richer sound. You ought to be listening while you do it to confirm.
    Everyone, IMHO these where a great buy last summer. I have been using them every day since with my iPod Touch (upgraded to OS 3 to get bluetooth support) and now with my iPad. I love being able to listen with my iPad in my backpack. I am frustrated with the lack of ff/ws and would love (hell pay for) that feature. These are the best sounding headphones and prior to buying them, I had NEVER been able to keep wired headphones working for more than a few months. Well worth the money (I see they're in the $65 range now). I do think there must be poor manufacturing control because I had to take my first pair back to Best Buy who fortunately made good since it was within a few weeks of purchase.
    FWIW I have paired these with my HTC Touch Pro and it of course is able to ff/rw songs. Can be paired with multiple devices, but found that the alarms from one device or the other always cut off the music in an annoying way. Here's hoping Apple reads this forum.
  • Great sound but terrible connection problems with my iMac. Connects immediately but in mono. When I use the sound preferences to switch to stereo the music skips. Switching back to mono freezes the prefs pane and the headset switches off. I then have to start again and it takes forever to get it right. I reckon I spend 10-15 mins every time. I'm tired of it.
  • If you use the "Atomic Browser" app, you can use the chat function on if you chaneg the browser identification to IE6/7/8 or Safari instead of Mobile Safari!!!