Princess Peach LEGO set leaks ahead of Mario Day

Peach Mario Set
Peach Mario Set (Image credit: LEGO)

What you need to know

  • Nintendo has collaborated with various companies like LEGO to create merchandise for their flagship franchise, Mario.
  • March 10th is also known as Mario Day, as MAR10 resembles the porty plumber's name.
  • A new LEGO set featuring Princess Peach seems to have leaked ahead of Mario Day, but was quickly removed.

Creative kids and adults alike love building things, creating new worlds to get lost in. For Mario fans, they can do so through the video games or, for some extra challenge, with various LEGO sets that depict characters and locales from the mushroom kingdom.

Though Mario Day isn't until March 10, it seems like the official LEGO Instagram account jumped the gun a little. In a since-deleted post, a new Mario LEGO set was unveiled, this time featuring the iconic Princess Peach character. Princess Peach is shown with her signature pink dress, and seems to have the same chest and eye displays as the other Mario characters, which react to different environments. The new set features a replica of Princess Peach's castle, alongside characters like Ludwig Von Koopa, Yellow Toad, Boomerang Bro, and Spike.

Overall, Mario LEGO sets have been well received, with Mario releasing first and his brother Luigi following in his footsteps soon after. Fans of LEGO and Mario can build entire stages, or even diorama pieces like the Question Block Mario LEGO set based on Super Mario 64.

A lot of nostalgia in one small block.

Re-live your memories with Super Mario 64 as you build up this engaging interactive set based on the classic Nintendo 64 game. With several worlds to build up, you can play with the micro figurines and then store everything neatly away in the eye-catching Question Mark Block that any Mario fan will recognize.

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