Apple Watch SE With iPhone Running WidgetsSource: Luke Filipowicz / iMore

What you need to know

  • Productivity guru Thomas Frank has been sharing how he uses iOS 14.
  • He's able to create a productive iOS 14 Home screen using widgets.
  • A combination of Shortcuts and widgets gives him a quick way to do all kinds of things.

Thomas Frank knows a thing or two about being productive so when he says iOS 14's new Home screen widgets are a big deal, it's worth paying attention. That's exactly what he did earlier today, sharing a YouTube video that explains how he's using Shortcuts and widgets to access everything from a Spotify workout playlist to his Notion database.

People have been using shortcuts for some pretty amazing things for years, but the addition of Home screen widgets makes it easier than ever to run them. By creating a few relatively simple shortcuts, Frank is able to make it easier and quicker than ever to get to the information he needs, when he needs it.

iOS 14 released a couple weeks ago with a ton of new features, but none of them are more exciting to us productivity nerds as the new Shortcuts widget.

Why not check out the video and then read our guide to see just what you could do with Shortcuts? You might be surprised to see just what that app is capable of.