OtterBox Defender for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS [Project Pink!]

Here is the OtterBox Defender in pink [$42.95 - iMore Store link], also offered in black, white, and yellow [iMore Store Link] a case said to be strong enough for a man but made in pink for a woman.

As a special bonus, we asked you, our readers, if you wanted to see Rene use this case for a day along with photographic proof, and you responded with a strong, hell heck ya! Though, getting Project Pink to happen was more difficult that originally planned...

Read on for the review, and the results, after the break!


The OtterBox Defender fully encompasses your iPhone. It comes in four different parts: the hard inner shell that separates into two parts, a soft silicone layer that goes over the inner shell for added protection, and then a belt clip which grasps your iPhone. A sheet of plastic covers the screen, camera lens and back Apple logo hole. The other buttons and ports on the iPhone are covered by removable silicone so they are also protected from dust.

PP 4 way 2

The hard inner core provides impact resistance and the outer silicone provides cushioning and a better grip for the user. If you want a case that will provide protection from all but the greatest of falls and bumps, then the Otterbox Defender is for you.

It should be noted, however, that while the Otterbox Defender will resist a little rain or a light splash, it's not water resistant. If you would like something you can take to the beach or the bathtub then I would recommend the Aquapac.

PP open front


Just because it's dressed up in pink, that doesn't make the Otterbox Defender any easier to put on or take off your iPhone. I looked at the case, turned it around a few times, trying to figure out how to open it. Sheepishly, I asked Rene to open the case for me. He then took the case and turned it around a few times. In the end we figured out you have to stretch the silicone layer off the inner core, logical you say? Chinese puzzle box, I reply!

So if you need to get your iPhone in and out of its protection quickly than this is not a case to get. Its protective qualities also make this case more bulky than most, though a fair trade for your precious iPhone. I found the belt clip to be less secure than I wanted and I usually carried the OtterBox Defender in my purse. Loose belt clips seem to be a problem specifically for the pink version of this case but not for the other color selections (black, yellow, white).

The front screen was still easily touch sensitive and I had no problems using it for texting and gaming, though the high side bezels did make it difficult to access the inside edges of the screen.

Project Pink

Project Pink began as a simple promise: if 50 comment were made in a past review our dedicated editor Rene Ritchie would wear the next pink case I received for review. As soon as the post went up the comments came streaming in, people Twittered and Facebooked to ensure it would occur -- in short it took on a life of its own. We easily got 50 comments by the end of the first day. A week went by, then two, scheduling conflicts, illness, for a while I doubted that Project Pink would ever come to completion. Then I heard that Rene had to travel to the Apple store. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to have Rene test out the OtterBox Defender and its lovely shade of bubblegum pink. Being a man of his word and a great sport, not only did Rene wear the OtterBox Defender but he twittered, emailed and carried it around on his belt. Though this was not all selfless as he did garner quite a good deal of female attention at the same time.

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If you absolutely must have a pink case but also demand something that gives your iPhone the best chance for survival then the Otterbox Defender is for you. It's multilayer design offers protection and grip though it is thicker than most cases, just ask Rene!

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Please take a moment to let Rene know how cool he was for going through with the dare! Would any of you other men out there have done it ?


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