Proposed MacKeeper lawsuit settlement lets you file for a refund by Nov. 30

Mac owners who purchased MacKeeper, a utility suite of questionable necessity, can file a reimburstment claim as the result of a settlement proposal for a recent class-action lawsuit. The suit, which saw original MacKeeper developer ZeoBIT taken to court over claims of deceptive advertising, was originally filed in May 2014. Should the settlement be approved, ZeoBIT would set aside $2 million for the refund effort.

From Macworld:

Under the proposed settlement, ZeoBIT will put US$2 million into a fund for those who want a refund. But ZeoBIT will admit no fault as part of the agreement.

Eligible customers have until November 30 to submit a claim. Until September 21, potential claimants can also elect to exclude themselves from the settlement, or object to it. The settlement may cover as many as 513,330 customers, each of whom payed up to $39.95 for MacKeeper.

Source: MacWorld, Yencha vs ZeoBIT settlement

Joseph Keller

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