Splash ID [$4.99 - iTunes link] is an app for the iPhone and iPod touch that provides a great  place to store your data securely with a password. Just how secure is it? Super secure. 256bit Blowfish secure.

I have used Splash ID for years on the Palm OS. I was so excited to see that SplashData brought Splash ID to the iPhone last year as I was easily able to port my old files over to the iPhone using their desktop companion app.

So what does Splash ID do for you? A lot, let's take a look.  First, you can choose what type of password you would like to use; a simple 4 digit pin or  a longer password; it's your choice. Of course, there is nothing more irritating as you go back and forth between Splash ID and another app for you to keep entering your password into Splash ID. There is a feature that allows you to suspend the locking feature for a period from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

You can organize your data in Splash ID into several categories from software serial numbers to airline frequent flyer miles to your families social security numbers for quick reference. When you are dealing with sensitive data, you can also choose to mask certain fields to hide the data from the roaming eyes of casual observers.

Not only do you have the ability to customize your categories, but you can choose a theme and view for your data as well. You can pick row colors and choose between a list or panel view. I am personally partial to the panel view as it groups your items by category type instead of a list. Depending on the volume of entries you have, the list get get a little unyieldy. In an effort to help manage those that store a lot of information in Splash ID, there is a very convenient "Most Viewed" button to access the info you view most frequently. If you have a hard time viewing the information in portrait mode, you can rotate to landscape too!

If you need to share any information, you can quick do so my using the email feature. With the tap of a button on screen, you can send information via email. One way I use this feature is to email my SSID information and password to friends that are visiting my house so they can get on the network (no I don't have the new Airport Extreme with guest access :-(). You can also send the information as a secure file to another Splash ID account!

I could really go on and on about Splash ID since I have been using it for years. The added value of the companion desktop app ($19.99) is of additional benefit as your data is always safe, backed-up and accessible from your Mac/PC and your iPhone.

If you need something more than a simple password manager and need a tool to manage all of your sensitive information, look no further than Splash ID for iPhone! Tons of screenshots after the break!


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