Quick Review: Apple iPad Dock

Picking up the iPad I was tasked with deciding the most useful accessory for the iPad. For me, that accessory was the iPad Dock. I just couldn't fathom the iPad just laying on my desk, I needed a place to set my iPad as well as take advantage of the other features it allowed me to display.

The dock comes by itself, no USB cable or charger; you just get the basics. The footprint is larger than the iPhone dock since the iPad is substantially heavier. The bottom of the dock has the typical "sticky" finish so it does not budge from its place. I would estimate the angle of the dock to be approximately 60 degrees so it is not exactly upright, but close. The back of the dock has the standard 30-pin connector. You can use the USB cable and charger included with the iPad to plug into the wall or computer for charging. You also have a Line Out to plug into a stereo tuner.

Once you have placed the iPad securely in the dock, it has the familiar green charging battery graphic. If enabled in Settings, you have the new picture frame button that turns the iPad into a beautiful digital photo showcase with animated slideshows.

If you don't want your iPad just laying on your desk, you can't go wrong with the iPad Dock. Oh, and don't forget, the dock just might come in handy when you start typing with the Apple Bluetooth keyboard...

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  • Has there been a change to the Tipb? I don't like the new layout it's looks like the web page I'd read on my computer & but I'm reading it on my phone... It's not as smooth.
  • Hey Pink. We had a formatting issue, it should work fine on the iPhone again. If not, you may have to delete your cookies from the Safari section in Settings.
  • So, can you use the Apple case with this? I love the Apple case because there doesn't seem to be any reason, at all, to remove the case - ever. That's the best kind. So, having to remove the case to use this dock would really negate its usefulness.
  • I agree, I've got both the Apple case and Apple Dock on order and would love to be able to use the dock without removing it from the case.
  • I have both the Apple case & the dock and they're definitely not happy together. I'll be returning the dock since I love the case.
  • I would definitely go with the case over the dock then. The case is nice and grippy. You can carry it around like a book without worrying about scratching or putting too much pressure on the glass. It will stand up in landscape mode for viewing and incline for typing. It has cutouts in all the right places.
  • Does an iPhone fit on the dock as well?
  • I'll be returning my dock as well. Mine also has a funky connection in the back- keeps dropping USB connection with my Mac, but doesn't when directly connected to the dock connector. But really what kills it for me is (1) most apps are more useful in landscape mode for me, (2) I really like the Apple case, but it's hard to take on/off and the dock doesn't work with it.
  • I think I'd wait for one (or maybe one is already available) that incorporates a 30 pin dock connecter for charging, syncing, and music output, but also allows you to change the orientation to landscape as well. Might need to be a little bigger or almost pedestal like, but then you could use it in either portrait or landscape which I think would be more useful for some features
  • I'm so bummed that the ipad doesn't fit on the dock f the Apple case is on. It's slightly off by only a millimeter or two, but enough to not be able to charge it. Still undecided if i should return my dock or not.
    I like having the ipad naked sometimes so I can "feel" it in my hands and remind myself how sleek and sexy it feels/looks. At these times, I can use my dock and simply take off the cover whenever i want to utilize the digital frame feature
  • Wow, I just typed in S e x y and. It got censored like I just dropped an F bomb or something. S e x y, seriously? Come on TIBP that's ridiculous. Sexy!
  • Landscape?
  • I just want to confirm that you must remove the cover in order to dock the iPad. But there is a MAJOR issue...You can SYNC OR CHARGE, not both simultaneously. This STINKS! I expect to be able to have the unit running AND charging simultaneously. If this means adding a power jack to the back of the dock, then just do it. I was doing work and the battery on the iPad continued to run down. 3rd party might be a better way to deal with this. Also, my retractable 3G USB power cable DOES NOT WORK with the ipad. You need to carry the official Apple USB cord with you.
  • You can charge and sync the ipad simultaneously.