Razer Arctech Pro THS Edition iPhone Case review: Stay cool, gamers

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Razer is a brand that is well-known to the gaming community, as they make top-tier PC gaming products like keyboards, mice, and even headphones. They even have their own Razer Phone 2 for Android gamers, but what about us iPhone users? Don't worry, the company has now ventured into the world of iPhone accessories, with the Arctech iPhone cases. There is a Slim and Pro version, but I will be reviewing the Arctech Pro THS Edition for my iPhone 11 Pro.


  • Soft-touch finish
  • Easy to hold
  • Ventilation holes and thermaphene layer prevent overheating
  • Easy to press buttons
  • Full access to cameras, speakers, and mic
  • Wireless charging compatible


  • Quartz Pink and Mercury White get dirty easily
  • Not everyone likes holes

I've been a big fan of Razer for a few years now, as I've owned several of their gaming mice and I'm currently using their Ornata Chroma keyboard at my desk. When I saw that they were releasing a new line of iPhone 11 cases, I had to get my hands on them, especially because they have Quartz Pink. If you haven't figured it out by now, I love pink.

Game on, stay cool

Razer Arctech Pro iPhone 11 Pro Case: Features

Razer Arctech cases interiors

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Razer's Arctech series of iPhone cases actually come in two versions: Slim and Pro. The Slim is a thin, hard snap-on case that has a soft-touch finish just like the Pro version, but it also leaves the bottom of your device exposed, along with the volume and power buttons. It will protect your device from the everyday scuffs and scratches, but isn't made for big drops.

That's where the Arctech Pro comes in, and it's the style I prefer out of the two—I'm not a fan of leaving the bottom exposed.

The Arctech Pro is a one-piece flexible case that is made up of several layers. The interior has a soft lining to ensure the back of your iPhone remains scuff and scratch-free. Behind the microfiber is the thermaphene layer, which absorbs and transfers heat away from your phone while also providing a cushion for your device and preventing debris from getting inside. The exterior has a soft-touch velvety finish that's easy to grip, and the ventilation holes help keep heat dissipated from your device.

Razer Arctech Pro THS Edition

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Regular versions of the Arctech cases have the venting holes on the top half of the case, with a subtle "RAZER" logo aligned vertically to the right underneath the holes. However, the THS Edition, which is what I've been using, has the holes on the bottom half, with the Razer snake symbol centered above (think of where the Apple logo used to be on previous phones). This is the only difference between the regular Arctech Pro and the Arctech Pro THS Edition.

I consider myself a heavy iPhone user, as I spend many hours of the day on my iPhone, whether it's browsing Reddit, checking Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, doing a lot of emailing, chatting with coworkers in Slack, putting in some quality mobile gaming time, and watching YouTube videos. So far in my testing, my phone has stayed relatively less warm than it did with previous cases, so it appears that the thermaphene layer is doing its job.

With the Arctech Pro, you get full protection all around the phone, unlike the Slim models. There are still precise cutouts for the Lightning port, bottom speakers, silent switch, and the triple-lens camera system. The volume buttons and side button are covered, but they still retain that clicky feedback when pressed, and don't feel squishy at all.

Your iPhone's front screen is protected by the raised bumper of the Arctech Pro case, so you can even set it face-down on a table and the front glass is safe. Razer claims that the Pro cases are drop-test certified to withstand up to 10-foot drops, but I have yet to drop my phone from that height. For what it's worth, this should be plenty of protection for normal, everyday use.

No more overly warm phone

Razer Arctech Pro Case: What I Like

Razer Arctech Pro THS Edition front

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One thing I've noticed with my previous iPhone cases is that they tend to get warm when I have my phone plugged in for a while, or when I am using it "heavily." This would be more common with bulkier cases, but those are the kinds of cases that you want to use for that heavy-duty protection.

So far, I feel that the Razer Arctech Pro is doing a fantastic job of helping to keep my phone cool by dissipating the heat with the thermaphene layer and exterior ventilation holes. I've been testing it out for a few weeks, and it never has felt warm to the touch, even while charging wirelessly. During longer gaming sessions with more graphically intensive games, I didn't feel my phone getting as warm, and this is important to note since Razer is a first and foremost a gaming accessory company. They truly lived up to the motto, "For gamers. By gamers."

I am also in love with the soft-touch finish of the exterior. It's a smooth and velvety feel, but I found it to provide plenty of grip while using my device. And after using the THS Edition, I honestly prefer the Razer snake logo over the word "RAZER" on the back of the case.

And while the Pro version may not be as thin as the Slim, it's still pretty slim and lightweight compared to some of the other cases I've tried. Plus, it's incredibly easy to put on and take off for cleaning, or switching out cases (I have too many).

Quartz Pink and Mercury White are high maintenance

Razer Arctech Pro Case: What I Don't Like

Razer Arctech Pro THS Edition Quartz Pink back

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My biggest gripe with the Arctech Pro is how quickly and susceptible the Quartz Pink (and I can only assume Mercury White) are to getting dirty. These are lighter colors, obviously, but my Quartz Pink THS Edition ended up with very visible dirt marks on the back corners and edges (I keep my phone in my back jeans pocket).

The Quartz Pink is a lovely color and my favorite option out of them all, but it's going to be very high maintenance when it comes to keeping it clean and nice looking. If you don't want to deal with that, then you best stick to the Matte Black color.

For gamers by gamers

Razer Arctech Pro Case: The Bottom Line

Overall, the Razer Arctech Pro is turning out to be one of my favorite new cases so far. It's thin, lightweight, and easy to pop on and off. The soft-touch exterior is nice to touch, provides grip, and my phone doesn't get too warm or hot at all. I just wish the Quartz Pink didn't get dirty so darn easily, but you can always clean it with something like a Magic Eraser.

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