Read this awesome Order and Chaos Online beginners guide from Windows Phone Central! [updated]

Order & Chaos Online is a pretty impressive MMORPG available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and if you're new to the game or just want to sharpen up a little, then this is for you. Courtesy of Paul Acevedo over at our sibling site Windows Phone Central, comes the complete beginners guide to the game.

Naturally, it's being played out on a Windows Phone 8 device, but since it's a cross platform game, iOS Order and Chaos Online players can still take advantage of all the tips. You'll find an in-depth video walkthrough along with a host of fantastic written content. We originally posted this for part one, but now part two has been published, the beginners guide is complete so jump below for all the links you need. If you like what you see or have any tips and tricks of your own, be sure to tell us in the comments below. And remember, your Mobile Nations Passport will let you comment over on Windows Phone Central too!

Richard Devine

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