Readdle Remarks brings note-taking and PDF annotating to iPad

Readdle has released their new note-taking and PDF annotating app, Remarks, for the iPad. Remarks is fully featured with the ability to take handwritten or text notes, add shapes, import photos, and annotate PDFs.

It's no secret that I have a love for handwriting iPad apps and Remarks in no exception. I admit that the strokes may not be as smooth and fluid as some of other apps out there, but the killer feature for me is PDF annotation. This is something I have desired from all the other note-taking apps and Readdle has delivered. Before Remarks, I was using Readdle's PDF Expert to annotate PDFs, but it left a lot to be desired. Namely, with Remarks, I can use the zoom feature to make the most detailed of notes on my PDFs.

We had a chance to go hands on with Readle's Remarks for iPad at Macworld 2012, roughly a week before the release. Check out the video below, along with all the app details, or just grab it now from the App Store.

Write down your thoughts, capture ideas and information, annotate documents and outline notes anywhere from university class to sofa at home.

To let you write anything you have in mind we included all the tools you might need: pens and highlighters of different colors, floating text boxes, shapes and of course an eraser.

At the same time Remarks is a fully featured PDF annotating application. You can highlight, underline, strikeout text, draw upon the documents – that means anything you can do with the document on paper and even more.

  • Make notes
  • Sketch new ideas
  • Type in text notes
  • Annotate PDFs
  • Draw with your finger
  • Co-edit notes with friends
  • Add Notes Quickly
  • Exchange documents with your computer
  • Edit your notes on the Mac or PC
  • Annotate Email Attachments
  • Share Notes With Your Friends
  • Import PDFs from Dropbox, Box.Net, Safari and other applications.

Remarks is available on the iPad for $4.99.

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  • Rene - Did you not hear how the gentleman pronounced the name of his company? Readle. Not "re-a-ddle" as you kept saying.
  • You are right ! :))
    But that's not a big deal.
  • We are working on a new drawing and rendering engine. The handwriting will be even better!
    The update is coming in 10-12 days!
    Stay tuned and thanks for the post.
  • Looking forward to it!
  • me too!
  • I'm not sure how this is different to any of the other note-taking or PDF reading apps out there - can annotate in GoodReader or any of the other PDF/notetaking apps already out.
    Also, call me cynical, but the reviews (all 5*) on the AppStore for it seem to read like they were written by a marketing department....
  • All the other apps are PDF management and editing apps that also allow you to annotate. The annotating isn't the main feature, so they're are kind of "meh" with quality. Remarks is a handwriting/note-taking app that happens to allow you to open PDFs into it. So the focus was to make quality writing features. There's a huge difference in quality.
  • I don't have an iPad yet, but the writing/note taking apps are the main reason I'm going to get an iPad 3 when it comes out. Therefore, does anyone know of a comprehensive review of the best apps as well as styli in this category? Thanks.
  • Don't rely on the iPad for your handwritten note needs. Due to its technology, it's an imperfect solution at best. It looks like a pad, it walks like a pad -- it's even called a pad -- but it's nowhere near as effortless as a pad of paper and a pen. It's so understandable to want the iPad to do everything a pad can, considering how much more it can do than a pad of paper. But look at the styluses: why are they so broad-nibbed? Why are some of them such Rube Goldberg contraptions? Why is there so much competition for the simple chore of taking notes with a pen? Because, at its core, this is not a system built for taking notes. Steve Jobs hated styluses, he said so, and he made good on his feelings, as he always did. You can muddle through with any of several handwriting apps, but please don't rush out and spend hundreds of dollar on an iPad primarily because you want to write stuff down.
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  • Will these features be coming to PDFExpert? I use that currently, and it sounds like this might do pretty much everything PDFExpert can do as well as the freehand stuff?
  • OK, I'm dense. I've read the quickstart that came with the app, watched the video above and went to their website.
    How do I open a PDF into Remarks? It shows how to annotate, but assumes you already have one in the program somehow.
    How do I save my work (preferably BACK to Dropbox)?
    As with all of this notetaking apps I've used, I feel like I'm constantly trading one set of features for another (Noteshelf, PDF Expert, iAnnotate, Remarks, Note Taker HD).
    SOOO Close!!
  • I have the same issue as Jason D. I have absolutely no idea how to open an existing PDF into Remarks. I LOVE this app so far but this major sticking point is very frustrating.
    Thank for the help!
  • If you want to open a PDF file in Remarks you have plenty of option to get it there:
    - "open in" feature and choose Remarks app
    - via USB
    - via e-mail attachment
    - launch Dropbox app and do it via "open in".
    The cloud storages will be added in the next update.
  • Confirmed. Actually, I have so many PDF type readers now loaded on my iPad, that I didn't realize the list had become scrollabe!
    They open from Dropbox just fine. Looking forward to the save back into Dropbox in a future update!
  • If this drives down the price of the Nook color, than everyone makes out, I think : )
  • Jill, thank you! I'm so glad you've written. You live in a very beautiful area of the state!