Record streaming TV on your iPhone or iPad with TV Anytime

TV Anytime is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you record streaming TV to your device for later viewing. The recording must be done on your computer, then synced over to your iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi or USB. Once the content has been stored to your iPhone or iPad, you can watch it whenever you like without the need for an internet connection.

Unfortunately, you need a Windows 7 PC with at least a dual core 1.5GHz processor to use TV Anytime - it is currently not available for Mac.

TV Anytime records streaming TV and Movies for playback on your PC, iPhone or iPod touch. It automatically records and syncs the content that you request to your iPhone or iPod touch via Wifi or USB.TV Anytime is absolutely free to use for the top25 TV Shows and Movies; users who sign up before the end of 2011 will get a year of premium catalog access for free.You can purchase access to the premium catalog of thousands of TV Shows and Movies in-app.

TV Anytime Phone and TV Anytime Tablet are available on the iPhone and iPad for free.

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  • I couldn't even demo it because of the forced Facebook login. Believe it or not, there are still people who don't do Facebook, and even more that don't want to fork over their details just to watch tv. I'm disappointed.
  • FB SUCKS! It's that simple!
  • You say that like it's hard to make a "fake" facebook account that contains no usable information about you.
  • Lost me on Windows 7 PC :(
  • is it US only?
  • It seems to be a problem for me in Canada. Can't even get past the FB login
  • Facebook login?
    Count me out.
  • Its really great to came around this app.
  • I don't keep my windows pc on, I don't even sync to it, darn it.
  • It's "an" answer to that specific issue.
  • Hm, you're one of "those people" that like to try to over exaggerate on everything, especially analogies. Well, have fun with that.