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  • Apple has added new configurations to its refurbished lineup of the 13-inch MacBook Pro.
  • You can now buy it with a 10th-generation Intel processor.
  • The 13-inch MacBook Pro was only released three months ago.

Apple has added new configurations to its 13-inch MacBook Pro refurbished lineup, which means you can now buy it with a 10th-generation Intel processor.

As reported by MacRumors:

Apple this week began selling certified refurbished 13-inch MacBook Pro models with 10th-generation Intel processors for the first time, a few weeks after refurbished 8th-generation models became available.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Apple added the 13-inch MacBook Pro to its refurbished website in both the U.S. and the UK. Prices start at just $1,099, meaning you can save up to $200 on a MacBook that is guaranteed to be less than three months old.

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Not only that, but the MacBook also comes with a one-year warranty, free delivery, and free returns. All Apple refurbished products undergo functional testing, receive genuine replacement Apple parts, and a thorough cleaning. It will also come with a brand new box and all the usual accessories and cables.

Refurbished 13-inch MacBook Pro from $1,099

New models added are the 2.0GHz Core i5 and 2.3 GHz i7 model, with savings of 15% on the standard pricing. As mentioned, given that a refurbished model at this stage will be no more than three months old (it was only announced in May), this is a really fantastic deal on Apple's latest 13-inch MacBook Pro.

A word of caution, however. Apple announced the switch to Apple Silicon back at WWDC, and promised at least one Apple Silicon Mac by the end of 2020. Rumors suggest that this is likely to be a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Whilst the current model is the best Intel-based 13-inch MacBook Pro ever made, an Apple silicon version is almost certainly on the way in the next four months.

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13-inch MacBook Pro (2020)

Bottom line: The 13-inch MacBook Pro update that was needed for 2020 is faster, has better graphics, and finally brings back the scissor-switch keyboard that is so beloved.

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