Report: iPhone 4 least likely to malfunction, most likely to shatter

In a report by SquareTrade, a company that sells extended warranties for many mobile devices, Apple's iPhone 4 was found to be the device least likely to have electronic malfunctions. However, it also had the highest likelihood of breaking when dropped. From TechCrunch:

The year long study looked at 50,000 warranty replacements. The iPhone 4 had the fewest malfunctions not due to accidental damage while Motorola and HTC Android phones tied for second. As for breakage, the iPhone 4 is king of the heap with 9.4%

Not related to the possible Glassgate situation, this news is still rather off-putting in a world where the iPhone 4 is one of the greatest designed phones around -- but that design includes glass on both sides.

Does this concern any of you iPhone 4 users? Sound off in the comments!

[SquareTrade via TechCrunch]

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