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What you need to know

  • A new report says Apple's new HomePod mini colors will launch next week.
  • The report says that they could launch on November 1.
  • Apple announced the new colors at its "Unleashed" event.

Apple's new colors for the HomePod mini could launch as soon as next week.

According to a new report from AppleTrack, the new HomePod mini colors could officially launch on November 1. While Apple only said they will be available in November, the outlet says that sources are telling them the new Blue, Orange, and Yellow colors will launch next Monday.

The final products announced at Apple's October 'Unleashed' event will release next week, according to people familiar with the matter.

  • New Blue, Orange and Yellow color options for HomePod mini will be available for order as soon as Monday, the people said
  • The fresh colors that were announced alongside third-generation AirPods and redesigned MacBook Pro models earlier this month join the existing lineup of Space Gray and White

Our take: While Apple has confirmed the new colors will launch in November, they haven't provided an official date. We're hearing November 1.

Homepod Mini Now In ColorSource: Apple

Apple announced the addition of the three new colors at its "Unleashed" event earlier this month. The new colors will join the existing Black and White options that the company has been selling since the launch of its small smart speaker.

Apple HomePod Mini White

HomePod mini

Bottom line: Apple is preaching to the choir with this one, a tremendous speaker for its price and size, but only for those who are already invested in Apple's ecosystem of products and services.

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