Case-Mate Vroom for iPhone 3G/3GS

Tired of your iPhone slipping out of your hand or off of your desk? Looking to add a little color and grip to you iPhone? If so the Case-Mate Vroom for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS [$12.95- iMore Store Link] is one to consider. For the full review follow me after the break!

In the box you receive the form-fit Case-Mate Vroom (color of your choice including black, red purple and yellow) and a screen protector. It seems that Case-Mate wants to ensure that your iPhone receives plenty of protection it's great they include a screen protector. The case slips on quite easily while allowing access to all aspects of your iPhone. The sleep button and volume controls are the only components that are covered, but still easy to press; every other part is partially exposed for easy access.


The case design is reminiscent of tire tread, hence the "Vroom" name. This case excels in two areas; grip and accessibility. First let’s look at grip. This case has stupendous grip if placed on the dashboard, desk or in the hand. The solid rubber form factor coupled with the “tread” on the case makes for excellent style and usefulness.


Second, if you want to dock your iPhone, the case easily slips off. You don’t have to worry about breaking the case trying to take it off (I have come across some cases that are so hard to put on or off I wonder if I will break it with my inhuman strength). So what is the down side? The case easily slip off for some. I have not encountered any problems personally, but if you are looking for a case that is affixed tightly to your phone, this is not it. It certainly protects the phone, but it is meant to be removed without a problem. I even gave the case to my wife for a test run. She placed it in her purse and let it jostle around for a while and the case did not fall off. My concerns were not validated, but still, I think it is something to make note of if you plan on purchasing this case. One other note, since it grips so well, it also grips a lot of lint, especially if you keep it in your pocket. However, since the case is easily removable, you can wash the case off with ease, no problem.


I have to say that this case design is one of my favorites for this style. It does not add a lot of thickness to the case and it looks good especially with the color options available. At such an accessible price, you can get a couple! Check the video and pictures below.


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  • I have this case and I ABSOLUTELY hate it. The case itself attracts lint like crazy!! And somehow things like dust etc get in between the back of the phone and the inside of the case and scratch the phone. I honestly found it quite annoying.
  • I think bodyguardz or invisible shields are the way to go. Sure I like cases but I love my zagg even more and it comes with a lifetime warranty. I still want to try the casemate hugs and the griffin elan chrome.
  • That case is fugly
  • I have had the Vroom for a couple months now, personally I like it, yes it attracts lint...everything has to be cleaned at some point. I also use a $10 cheap horizontal
  • foneGear case to keep my iPhone on my hip.
  • An iPhone without a case like this is a wet bar of soap
  • LOL Dave Ferrandino. Better not drop that junx
  • Blow the lint and dust off with compressed air (the same stuff you put in your REAL tires!).
    Better yet (remove phone from case first!), RINSE the case (plain water), THEN blow it dry...BRAND NEW!