Review: Golla Camo Washed Green Vertical Pouch for iPhone

The Golla Camo Washed Green Vertical Pouch for iPhone, available now at the phonedifferent store (TiPB) for $19.95 here, is a casual and trendy way to carry your iPhone, whether you are backpacking in the outback or cruising the urban jungle.

To get your Golla guerrilla groove on, tune in after the break for a review of this swanky iPhone case from Golla!

Case Design

I've had the good fortune to try a couple different Golla cases, and there is a consistent theme throughout their product line. Golla cases are all about utility and design, which makes it a nice choice when selecting a way to carry your iPhone when it isn't in your hands.

The Golla Camo pouch arrived to me with the signature caribiner-style clip to attach to a belt loop, purse, etc., but the other carrying options include a belt loop and detachable lanyard.

Washed green camo cloth comprises the exterior of this pouch case with a softer green material lining on the inside.

A Velcro-secured cloth flap secures your iPhone safely inside this pouch case. It is a snug fit for your iPhone, so there isn't much in the way of room for carrying anything else in the case. Many of the other Golla cases have pockets for cash, credit card, license, etc., but not in this case (no pun intended).

This Golla case is somewhat minimalist - that's not a bad thing, but then again, it would be nice to get a bit more bang for the buck. For instance, I would prefer to have a bit more padding for my iPhone. In the event of a drop, this case will likely prevent scratching and scuffs to your beloved iPhone, but may do little to prevent impact damage.

Final Impressions

The Golla Camo Washed Green Vertical Pouch for iPhone (available at the phonedifferent store here for $19.95) is a nice case for going casual with your iPhone and it gives you three different ways to attach the case to your person: caribiner-style slip, belt loop, and lanyard. Golla has always done well in giving their customers both style and utility.

My only concerns with this case are value and protection, both of which are related. Although $19.95 isn't bad for a case to protect your iPhone, I would like to see a bit more padding for my money so that I have a little more peace of mind if I have a clumsy moment and (heaven forbid) drop my iPhone.

Even with these concerns, though, the Golla Camo case is a fun and utilitarian way to carry your iPhone - a nice break from the usual leather, Nylon, rubber, or metal cases you see all over the place. Give the Golla Camo case a try - it just may be what you need to stand out in the urban or actual jungle!


  • Several different ways to carry the case
  • Velcro closure keeps your iPhone securely in place
  • Stylish and fun camo design


  • Could use some additional padding for protection
  • A little pricey given lack of padding

Design: 4

Features: 4

Usability: 5

Cost/Benefit: 4

Overall: 4/5