Review: iGrip Universal Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount for iPhone

The iGrip Universal Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount for iPhone, available in the iMore Store for $19.95, is one alternative to having your iPhone float freely within the cabin of your car. In a day when more focus is being placed on distracted drivers, this mount allows you to affix your iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch, or iPod Touch 2G and view the display while keeping both hands on the wheel. How does it measure up? Read on for the full review! ##First Impressions    The iGrip Universal Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount for iPhone is designed to accommodate the the different sizes of your iStuff by virtue of an adjustable mounting bracket with padded clamps that narrows or widens to hold your device firmly in place. There are also sliding padded brackets along the bottom to ensure your device doesn't slip through the bottom. A stiff but flexible arm attaches the device holder to the base of the mount, which adjusts to fit most lighter sockets. The iGrip Universal Fit Mount does NOT have any charging capability -- it's only function is to secure your device for easy viewing while you drive.

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##Performance This mount isn't fancy - it does what it's supposed to do: fits securely in your lighter socket and firmly secures your device. The clamping mechanism works easily enough. It is spring-loaded, so depressing the clamp button will move the clamps furthest apart, then just set your device in the cradle (after adjusting the bottom bracket to fit, of course) and squeeze the clamps gently but firmly together on each side. The flexible arm IS flexible, but very stiff. This is good in that you shouldn't have any unwanted flexing. However, I recommend you remove the mount first before adjusting so that you do not damage your lighter socket. I think the two most important advantages of the iGrip Universal Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount is holding your device securely while you drive (bluetooth headset or speakerphone required for calls) and easier viewing of the display for Google Maps. It is unfortunate that there is no means of charging your device via the cigarette lighter socket, but that feature would be less practical in a "universal" device. Also, I think the bottom brackets are a bit redundant given that the side brackets can close with a vice-like grip on each side of your device - it's not going anywhere once the brackets are firmly engaged.

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##Conclusion The iGrip Universal Fit Cigarette Lighter Mount for iPhone, available now for purchase at iMore Store for $19.95, is a good way to secure your device and make it more easily viewable while you focus on driving. It adjusts to fit just about any lighter adapter, has a flexible arm for positioning, and padded mounting brackets that move in and out with the push of a button. Although not charging your device is a significant drawback, it does offer the other benefits of security and viewing ability for a reasonable price. ##Pros:

  • Padded mounting brackets to secure device
  • Flexible arm for adjusting position
  • Adjustable to accommodate several different devices and lighter sockets


  • Does not charge your device, thus wasting a lighter socket
  • Bottom brackets are probably not necessary if side brackets are firmly placed

##TiPb Review Rating: 4/5

The iPhone Blog Accessory Review: 4 Stars

  • 4 out 5 for something which does not charge your iphone and still uses up the cigarette lighter socket?? Are you by any chance selling this item and trying to promote it?? oh you are.
  • @daniel: if you read closely, you will notice that I point out this deficiency, otherwise it could have earned 5 stars because it performs admirably in every other way. It's not a bad price for what it does (again, I pointed this out): it's a simple design, it holds your device securely, and makes your device viewable so you can keep your hands free for other things (like driving, for instance).
  • I thought about getting one, but if my phone is too close to my stereo I get bad interferece noises through the speakers.
  • I found on Ebay a certified solar sheath for all Iphones beanded SolareBay.
    may be interesting
  • @Brian.... well plugged again.
  • It should be a charger. I would prefer a charger. But it's not a charger. It doesn't claim to be a charger.
    Would I like my car better if it were also a submarine? Sure. But its not. Also doesn't claim to be.
    Negative reviews are great (as are negative reviews of our reviews!). Better people know something sucks than buy it and feel they've been ripped off. But fair reviews are also important. This is a car mount, not a car charger. Is it good at what it is? That's all Brian has to -- and should consider.
    Imagine Ebert: "I liked this Julia Roberts movie, but not enough Kung-Fu. I'm going to rate it "thumbs down" (TM) because Jet Li wasn't in "Tender Moments" with her. Dagnabit."
    World, and reviews, don't work that way.
    Now, if you think it's a wretched excuse for a non-charging car mount, then say so, and hopefully people can weigh your expert opinion against Brian's and decide for themselves. That's why we leave comments on :)
  • In that case Rene, why did Brian put as one of the Cons to the above item: "Does not charge your device" surely he is judging unfairly. Following your reasoning it should then really be a 5/5 item if it does exactly what it says its meant to do.
    My "expert" opinion, I don't think you'll sell any, no fm transmiter, no charger...won't sell.
    And thanks ever so much for leaving my comments up here, it keeps me coming back to have a look. Oh, and I do actually like this site, so keep up the good work! especially you Brian :)
  • @daniel. Your feedback/comments are appreciated! Having not demo'd the product yourself, daniel, what rating would you give it? Maybe others can benefit from your insight.
  • You are right Brain, I have not demo'd the product and surprise surprise, its not at the top of my shopping list.
    However my general advice is stay well clear of a mount which uses the lighter socket but will not charge your iphone, as we all know that its battery life leaves a lot to be desired. And if you're in the market for a mount, look out for one which has a built in fm transmitter too.
    Quick question Brian, if you thought the item was rubbish, and would only have given it 1 star out of five, would you still have stuck it up on the home page of tipb and helpfully recommended us not to buy it? (even though it was for sale in your shop)
  • Daniel, I think it's well known how you feel about this item. All product reviews hit the front page, whether the site sells them or not. I think an FM transmitter is problematic because the iPhone's cell radio generally interferes with a car stereo, at least in my car it does.
    If you really think the reviewers are biased, just stay tuned. I'll be reviewing a Bluetooth headset that I despise (and yes, it sells in the store). You should also consider reading other reviews for comparison. Good luck!
  • Waste of money I brought a charger fm transmitter which also works great as a handsfree for £12 which looks identical to that contraption but does loads more. You gotta be selling those or maybe that's what I got before it's gone to the factory to have the electronics fitted hehee!
  • Well put wonder Webb.
    An FM transmitter can be problematic due to inteferance, but it's still the best solution for cars with no mp3 sockets.
    Rest assured I'll be checking out future reviews Brian. Can't wait for your next one!
  • We loves us our commenters too :)
    "Wastes a socket" is definitely a con, however, as if you want that for something else (even non iPhone related), you may prefer a mount that goes somewhere else.
    For me, since I plug other devices in there, this product is a non-starter. Dash, vent, etc. are the only options I can roll with.
    My FM transmitter, being an iPhone 2G legacy, doesn't charge my 3G due to lack of Firewire pin in the 3G :( (I only get interference when it drops to EDGE, however, as opposed to the 2G which was fairly constant).
  • :) thanks
  • I think this whole argument is missing a bit of the point. If someone wants a FM transmitter and/or charger they will be looking at a different product. I don't want either or need either, I am looking for exactly what this product does, hold the damn thing. How am I "losing" a slot if I don't want it charged? The device is cheap and according to the review does exactly what it is supposed to. I have been looking for just such an item and wanted to know about the "stiffness" of the gooseneck and the easy ability to adjust the arms for an iPhone or iPod. The review answered both my questions. More power to the reviewer if he sells the darn thing, remember this is America people should are allowed to make a buck.
  • Brian, I am looking for a mount like this that leaves the ipod connection in the bottom open as I have a cable connected to my stereo that provides power to my iPod and sends the audio straight to my car speakers. Are the bottom brackets wide enough to allow this type of a plug through? If so this is a perfect item as I have a second cig. lighter plug in my vehicle for other things and it would put the iPod out of the way. Thanks,
  • I agree with Steve. I just need a mount to hold my phone. I don't need it to charge my phone as I have a charger everywhere else. If I really wanted to I can charge in my car while this is mounted with my separate charger. Could care less about an FM transmitter as I have a hard wired ipod for my car already. I put in an order for one today. Thanks for the review! If only they would come out with better looking mounts. This thing would be fine in a truck but in a luxury car it would just not look right.
  • item sucks, it broke within a week , e-mailed igrip for a replacement part and you guessed it! had not heard from them
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  • Can somebody tell me if the bottom brackets are wide enough to allow for a cable to connect to the iphone?!?!?!? how come the review doesn't give this kind of essential info??!?!
  • Checked with Dieter, who said:
    "the connector is no problem - the 'feet' on the bottom of the mount
    can be slid to accomodate a plug."
  • Good thing it is adjustable to accommodate several different devices and lighter sockets..That's something to be said. Bravo!
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  • Does anyone know if this is positionable in both landscape and portrait?
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