Review: iSkin revo case for iPhone

The iSkin revo case for iPhone, available in the iMore Store for $39.95, is designed for the iPhone 2G and is touted as offering maximum protection for your iPhone. With a broad landscape of cases to choose from, this one stands out from the others. It costs a bit more than most other cases, but is it worth the extra bucks? Read on for the full review!


Constructed of durable rubber and including an ultra-clear impact resistant Screen ViSOR, the iSkin revo case for iPhone 2G has your iPhone covered. Form-fitting to protect all vulnerable areas of your iPhone, it is an impressive way to protect your iPhone from bumps, scrapes, and shock from accidental drops. The material used in it's construction is even anti-microbial to help keep the germs away. Also, it is available in a variety of colors to give your iPhone a little flair.

The included Screen ViSOR snaps into place to protect your iPhone's screen from damage when not in use. When you need access to the screen, the Screen ViSOR snaps into place seamlessly on the back of your iPhone, readily available when you need it's protection again.

The case covers and protects the ports and controls of your iPhone as well. A removable docking port cover is included to keep dust and dirt away from your docking port while still allowing room for the speakers. Along the top of the case, a rubber flap allows access to the headphone jack. The surface of the case is slightly grooved to give your iPhone some "grippiness."

The iSkin revo includes a privacy screen film with anti-glare. This is a nice touch because it covers and protects your screen from prying eyes as well as dust and dirt, but also performs admirably in reducing fingerprints and smudges. Also, a small, clear plastic lens cover is included to fit between the camera lens and the case.


The iSkin revo is an exceptional case with regard to protection. It covers the iPhone's vital spots while still giving you full access to the screen and all controls and ports. The material is grippy and durable, and the case is easy to install on your iPhone and it stays put. Staying put is important, and not for the obvious reason of protection. In my experience, other rubber cases tend to stretch over time and develop a looser fit on my phone. As it loosens, it slides just a little, but enough that any dust or dirt that gets inside between the case and phone results in scratches and abrasions over time. This is very annoying when you thought you were protected. The iSkin revo avoids this problem because not only is the rubber material fairly rigid, but each end is a snug fit on the iPhone, drastically reducing the possibility of stretching and, consequently, abrasions and scratches.

The case features slightly raised surfaces over the buttons so it's easy to find and "feel" the power button, volume buttons, and Home button. There is a cutout for the mute switch, protecting the switch very well but also causing a little trouble for those of us with larger fingers to access the switch. The ultra-clear impact resistant Screen ViSOR is handy if you are carrying your iPhone in a bag or pocket and want to protect the screen from damage, but it can also be a bit humorous when you try to tap on your iPhone's screen, get no response, and then realize you had forgotten the clear Screen ViSOR.

The port cover is a handy little item. I like that it's not attached, giving you the choice of using it or not to protect your iPhone's charging/syncing port from dirt and dust. Usually it sits firmly in place, but on rare occasions it would come off when I struggled to pull my iPhone out of my front pocket, for example. A friend of mine has used this case since he bought his iPhone 2G when it was first released (a testament to the durability of this case), and he has already paid a few bucks to replace a lost port cover.

Along the top of the phone is the headphone jack cover. I like the design in that it's a flap of rubber that is virtually seamless when closed, but opens to reveal the headphone jack when needed. It does a great job of protecting your headphone jack from dirt and dust. The included anti-glare privacy screen film is a nice addition. The iPhone's screen is such a fingerprint and smudge magnet, so the privacy screen film is a welcome addition because it greatly reduces smudges and fingerprints while reducing glare and keeping your screen private from curious onlookers.


The iSkin revo case for iPhone 2G, available now for $39.95 right here at the iMore Store, is about the best you can do for an iPhone case. It offers excellent protection of your iPhone while still providing access to the buttons and ports. The included privacy screen film with anti-glare is a nice addition, and the embedded anti-microbial protection offers a little piece of mind against germs. The option to attach the Screen ViSOR to protect your iPhone's screen is nice, particularly that it stores seamlessly on the back of the case when not in use. It is a durable case that adds a little bulk to your iPhone, but not so much to make it unbearable. Given what you probably spent for your iPhone, it's a great way to protect your investment.


  • Great overall protection.
  • Protects yet allows access to all buttons and ports.
  • Anti-microbial.
  • Includes a Screen ViSOR and privacy screen film with anti-glare.


  • Adds a little bulk to your iPhone.
  • Rubber port cover can be lost if you aren't careful.


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