Review: PDA Skins Horizontal Organizer Case

The PDA Skins Horizontal Organizer Case can be purchased in the iMore Store here and is available in both a microfiber version for $19.95 and a leather version for $39.95. If you have a bit more to carry than just your iPhone, this case can accommodate more items in an organized fashion. I had the chance to use the leather version for a while and can let you know how it measures up after the break!

Design and Quality

I can't specifically speak to the quality of the microfiber version of this case, but the leather version is durable and well-constructed. The stitching all the way around is seamless and the case I used is constructed of quality top-grain glove leather. The front of the case has a Velcro-secured expanding compartment to hold your iPhone or any other smaller item. The reverse side of the case has a standard leather belt loop, Velcro-secured bag-strap latches to secure the case to a carrying bag, and two small metal D-rings to attach an optional carrying strap. It's nice to have several options for carrying the case.

There are two zipper tabs to secure the case closed, and when opened, the case reveals additional organized storage within. There is a pen loop, a removable money insert that holds credit cards and I.D., and other pouches and slots for items you may need with you. The interior of the case is large enough to accommodate other PDAs or phones up to six inches long. This case can be a good travel companion, easily fitting your passport and other personal items. The interior is padded nylon to protect your valuables.


Although I don't normally use a case of this size, the PDA Skins Horizontal Organizer case is compact and is a great way to carry phone, PDA, pen, small pad of paper, passport, credit cards, I.D., and other sundry items that you want to keep organized while on the go. It is excellent for traveling and I like the several carrying options. For me, the case is a little bulky to carry on a belt for every-day casual use, but for the traveler, it's nice to have the option.

The belt loop is durable and fits most belt widths. The bag-strap latches Velcro firmly in place and make it convenient to attach the case to a larger carrying bag so you still have access to your iPhone and other valuables. A detachable carrying strap is convenient if you need both hands for something else and aren't wearing a belt or other bag with a strap to attach your case to.

With several pockets and pouches inside the case and a convenient pen loop, it's easy to keep the little things organized that you have to or want to carry with you. If you have more to carry with you than just your iPhone, this case is a great option if you need a small compact carrying case for credit cards, money, notepad, pen or pencil, or even your iPod so you can carry your entire music library with you.


The PDA Skins Horizontal Organizer Case, in either microfiber or leather, is a quality case offering several carrying options and will help you keep your mobile items organized. It has the convenient Velcro-enclosed compartment on the outside to carry your iPhone and offers more storage on the inside for your valuables, like credit cards, cash, I.D., etc. Although it's a bit bulky to carry on a belt for every-day use, it's a great travel companion and just a great place to throw all the little items that you would otherwise carry in your pocket or purse. It is durable for lasting use and is a great solution for the business person or traveler.


  • Durable construction
  • Lots of pockets and pouches for storage
  • Several carrying options
  • Exterior storage for easy access to iPhone


  • A bit bulky for every-day use (i.e., wearing on belt)

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