Review: Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset for iPhone

With more and more Bluetooth headsets looking alike and new releases feeling like old ones, the Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset ($129.95) offers a much more unique take and infinitely more appeal. Its futuristic, luxury look was eagerly anticipated and has definitely shaken up the headset industry, putting all makers on notice.

Is the Plantronics Discovery 925 all show and no go? Or does it perform as good as it looks? And does it even look THAT good in your ear? Well read on for the rest of the review!

Read on for the rest of the review!

Design & Fit

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Overall, the design of the Plantronics Discovery 925 is cutting edge, to put it mildly. With a sleek design that carves a hole in between the boom microphone, the headset truly looks like something from Star Trek. Personally, I am a fan of the design, I find it refreshing in the market of bland headsets and applaud Plantronics for creating such a bold headset.

From my experience, Plantronics headsets offer superb fit and comfort and the 925 is no different. Though the shape of the ear gels are a tad weird (they have a handle bar across the top edge that supposedly fits better to the interior of your ear, Plantronics calls it stabilizers), the gelly substance used in the ear tip is an excellent design choice in both style and comfort. I had no problem taking the 925 in and out of my ear.

The 925 is also very, very light. This is important since weighty or uncomfortable Bluetooth headsets often defeat the purpose of even using one, having a Bluetooth headset that is essentially unnoticeable is almost as important as the headset’s sound quality.


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Because of the 925’s minimalist design, there aren’t too many buttons or features that complicate the process. Simply, slip the headset into your ear and you’re rolling. There are two buttons on the 925—one for volume control and the other to power up, make calls, and end calls.

I found that incoming audio quality performed fairly well. The AudioIQ technology works well and it is possible to hear callers loud and clear. There wasn’t many issues with static or feedback—it was very easy to hear the incoming caller. In louder environments, the 925 adapts to its surroundings and offers louder volume. I found this feature to be a great addition to the headset because I never had to worry about manually controlling the volume—the AudioIQ smartens up the headset.

Outgoing voice quality is good but falls short of being great. In regular usage—like in the car, or in a room, it is a more-than-able performer. Callers hear your voice loud and clear, without any digitizing or static. Few even noticed the difference between the 925 and the iPhone. However, the Plantronics 925 doesn’t do a great job of masking environmental noise. Callers complained about background noise that came from the TV, other people, and/or wind.

Final Thoughts

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The Plantronics 925 is a good piece of hardware with a great design. Though it doesn’t offer much new features or innovative controls, the comfortable fit and fashion forward look should push those looking for a Bluetooth Headset to consider the Plantronics 925. In my experience, there are few headsets that fit as comfortably as the 925 and even fewer that look as striking as it does.

Though its high price may deter potential buyers from committing, the Plantronics 925 is a good headset that just falls short of great. If you are looking for a headset that will turn heads and fits great, this is the headset for you.


  • Bold, Striking Design
  • Extremely Comfortable Fit
  • Easy Sync Process
  • Simple Controls
  • Carrying Case doubles as a charger!


  • Fairly Expensive
  • Not a Standout Performer

Final Rating: 4.5/5

  • I'm about to jump in and buy an iPhone, which will also be my first bluetooth phone. I'd like to buy a headset, but I was hoping to get something under $100. Any suggestions?
  • Bob -
    I just ordered this headset from Amazon for $80, shipped.
  • can i manually remove the microphone so i can just listen to music and when i call someone can i manually put it back on
  • Seems to work well with sound quality, but I cannot get it to work with voicemail, it refuses to pick up.
  • will the Discovery 925 simultaneously connect to two phones at once in the fashion of the discovery 510/520??
  • Does it work with software version 2.0.1 ???
  • The 925 doesn't work with Visual Voicemail, but otherwise works fine w/the new iPhone firmware.
  • I'm going to get this because it looks better than the rest... But I know it won't work with the visual voice mail, apple cliams to be fixing the problem but it's been 4 updates and it stll won't even work on external speakers...
  • Works with visual voicemail.
  • Help! with the fit on the Plantronics 925.
    I'm having problems keeping this thing in my ear. I've tried several of the ear tip sizes. Sometines it goes and stays in easily. Other times I can' get it to stay in at all.
    Is ther some magic to this I'm missing? Any tips appreciated.
  • I've had a Plantronics since I got my iPhone 3G, and have NEVER had a problem. And I found it on eBay NEW in box for 50 bucks!! I'm rather picky as most over the ear loops don't work for me and I could NEVER get a Jawbone to work for me (maybe I've got a funny shaped head?)
  • I have a Discovery and the volume has dissipated. I mean the hearing and the speaking of the product. I only had this item for three to four months. If I could find my paper work I'd definitely take it back. For the price, it is a poor item! I also know this would not be posted because this comment is not in your favor.
  • I just got this headset and cannot get it to pair with my iPhone. Any suggestions?
  • I am having a similar problem with my iPhone. My last phone was cheap as they come and the headset connected right away, tried it when I got the iPhone and it won't connect at all. If there's something were not doing right please let us know
  • Fond what I was doing wrong. With the Bluetooth turned on push and hold the center button till the light flashes between red and blue. The iPhone should find your headset instantly and will shortly connect to it.
  • I have problem with a Plantronics 925 + iPhone 3Gs.
    The sound has too much echo and several times people don't listen to me. I tried to play with the volume with no success.
    Any ideas?
  • Paul thanks for tour help.... That was the solution