Review: Smartphone Experts 2-in-1 Earphones w/ Handsfree for iPhone

The Smartphone Experts 2-in-1 Earphones w/ Handsfree for iPhone, available here for only $7.95 at your friendly neighborhood Phone different Store, prove that you don't have to pay big bucks for top drawer functionality.  These earphones just may be the ticket if you're on a budget.  Keep reading for my review!


These headphones are designed with a straight connector for a perfect fit in the recessed iPhone headphone jack.  The length of the wire is just about right; not too long to snag on things and not too short to prevent wearing your iPhone on your hip.

In addition to the earbuds delivering stereo sound while watching YouTube, listening to your iPod, or watching movies, there's a mic down the wire in just the right place to make or receive a phone call.  A small, oval-shaped silver button is positioned just below the mic holes for play/pause of your audio and for answering/ending your call - thus, the 2-in-1 in the name.


The Smartphone Experts 2-in-1 Earphones w/ Handsfree for iPhone boast a sound isolating design, and after using them, I found that they were adequate.  I was impressed with the sound quality.  They deliver clear sound, both while listening to audio on the iPhone and during phone calls.  Callers could hear me fine and I could hear them without any trouble.

Like other more expensive headphones, the Smartphone Experts 2-in-1 Earphones play the ringtone through the earbuds during an incoming call, pausing your audio until the call is answered or ignored.  Pressing the button on the mic pod answers the call, pressing it again cancels it.

Although these earphones are a great value for such a low price, I was disappointed that they did not include a pair of foam covers for the earphones.  I've purchased other audio products that include basic earphones, sometimes with the foam covers, sometimes without them.  I usually find the earphones are difficult for me to wear without the foam covers because I can't cram them into my ears.  Usually the headphones will fall out at the slightest movement and the sound quality suffers. Foam covers can be purchased for just a few bucks, but it would have been nice if they had been included.

In Summary

The Smartphone Experts 2-in-1 Earphones w/ Handsfree for iPhone are a good value for the money at $7.95.  With sound isolation and an integrated mic pod for phone calls, the earphones are similar to much more expensive models.  The lack of foam covers for the earbuds is a drawback, but still a great value overall.

You can purchase your own set of Smartphone Experts 2-in-1 Earphones w/ Handsfree for iPhone today at the Phone different Store for only $7.95.