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Ring Fit Adventure
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In Ring Fit Adventure, you might initially think that your workout is entirely dependent on how the primary campaign progresses — and sometimes it can be. But you'll also early on unlock side quests called Requests that let you customize how, when, and what tasks you complete each time you play while still getting some "gains."

Requests do take a little bit of work to unlock, and they can also sometimes be a bit obtuse in terms of figuring out how to complete all the ones available in each world. But don't worry -- here's a guide to everything you might want to know about completing Requests in Ring Fit Adventure:

What are Requests?

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

Requests are effectively Ring Fit Adventure's sidequests. They are optional tasks given by NPCs throughout the game that are unrelated to the main story that still give rewards and occasionally additional lore. Requests will appear marked on the overworld with a teal "!" symbol, separate from the red "!" marking the next main story objective.

Most often, you will find Requests in Towns, where opening the Town menu will show you multiple townspeople you can speak to. Those with a "!" above their dialogue box have Requests to offer you. You can only take on one Request at a time, and if you try to leave the World you're in, you'll be prompted to abandon it. But don't worry -- you also can't permanently miss any Requests, and since all of them only involve one task, there's no worry about losing progress by abandoning one. You can just go pick it back up again later.

Requests take many different forms, including characters who will ask for a particular item (like a smoothie), ask to see a specific set of equipment, send you to a Game Gym to beat a particular score in a minigame, or direct you to complete particular objectives within one of the game's stages (such as breaking all rocks or defeating all monsters). Requests take on a variety of forms, and you may not always be able to complete some Requests right away -- but you can always go back and try again.

Why do Requests?

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

The best reason to do Requests is for the rewards you get. These include gold (which can be spent on Smoothies and equipment), new Smoothie recipes, Smoothies, ingredients, Pearls or other currency you can use in the shop for special items, or even unique equipment you can't get elsewhere in the game. Each Request will show you its rewards upfront, so you know what you're getting into. You'll also generally get some experience for doing the Request, depending on what it's asking you to do.

But another great reason to do Requests is for the workout. Though some Requests just ask for items you'll already have, others send you to Game Gyms or stages where you'll have to do fitness tasks to get the reward. Since you're playing Ring Fit Adventure for the workout anyway (right?), it makes sense to do all the Requests and make the most of it.

And finally, the World Select screen will show you how many Requests you have left in each world -- so if you're a completionist, that's another great reason to tackle these.

How do you unlock Requests?

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventure Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

Requests do not become available until World 3, so if you've not reached that area yet and are trying to find Requests, don't bother. You'll first encounter them in the Town in World 3 a little ways in, and it will automatically happen if you proceed with the story. You can't miss it, so don't fret.

That said, not every Request magically unlocks the second you reach a world. Some Requests require certain invisible requirements before they'll appear, so you may see Requests reflected on the World Select screen that you don't have access to yet. More Requests will be unlocked as you complete worlds, complete stages, and finish existing Requests, so if you don't see everything you think you should, don't worry. Keep playing, and more will appear. You can't miss any Requests permanently in Ring Fit!

How do you complete Requests?

Ring Fit Adventure screenshot Nintendo Switch

Ring Fit Adventure screenshot Nintendo Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

There are generally two types of Requests: those that require an item, and those that require a task.

If a townsperson asks you for an item, then once you have that item in your inventory, simply go speak to them again, and you'll get the option to hand it over. Alternatively, if they want to see a certain set of equipment, make sure you have those items equipped and then go speak to them again to complete the Request. Keep in mind that some Request items may actually require you to complete other Requests first -- for example, the Shadow Aura set one Request asks to see is only obtained by finishing Requests in other Worlds first.

If you're asked to do a certain task in a level or Game Gym, follow the teal "!" marker to the level and enter it. You'll see a new bar at the top of your screen that will track your progress on the specific task. If you fail by the time the level ends, don't worry. You can try as many times as you want. But if you succeed, the Request will automatically complete when you exit the level, and you'll be given the reward without having to return to town.

Help! I seem to be missing some Requests

Early in the game, you'll notice that there are some Requests visible on the World Select screen that just aren't appearing no matter what you do. You've finished every stage and cleared every other Request and are several worlds ahead, but they're still coming up blank, and not having 100% on that World is frustrating. But don't worry!

There are a handful of Requests that require you to do things in much, much, much later levels before they'll appear in earlier stages. One specific Request in World 2 requires you to complete a long, ongoing storyline that you can't start until World 7, and that goes forward into much later levels before circling back into World 2. I know, it's a pain.

If Requests are still missing even after you seem to have completed everything, just be patient and check back in several Worlds down the line. Nothing is missable, so by the time you reach the end of Ring Fit Adventure, you should be able to track down every Request possible.

Any questions?

Stuck on a particular Request in Ring Fit Adventure? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll try to put you back on track!

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