Roborock S4 Max On CarpetSource: Roborock

What you need to know

  • Roborock's S4 Max robot vacuum is available now, priced at $429.
  • It can climb higher than before, helping it climb onto rugs and carpets.
  • It also has a bigger dustbin so won't need to be emptied as often.

Roborock has a new robot vacuum out today, with the S4 Max now available for $429. It's an iteration on the previous models but with some of the previous pain points experienced by exiting users now fixed.

As someone who uses a couple of robot vacuums, there are some problems that always, always pop up. One of those is an inability at times to climb onto a rug, and the other is constantly emptying the dustbin. Both of those issues have been worked on with the S4 Max.

This new model, launching exclusively on Amazon October 9th, is an effective and smart cleaning solution for both floors and carpets. It solves multiple consumer pain points, adding better climbing capability than earlier models, a larger dustbin, and two-level home mapping!

Roborock S4 Max On RugSource: Roborock

All the usual features are present and correct, too. Those include an app that lets users save maps and block off areas they don't want to be cleaned as well as the ability to change the level of suction that will be used in specific rooms. Pretty impressive stuff.

Users can easily customize their cleaning routine by time and room all from the app, without hardware add-ons. The model's Automatic Room Recognition allows S4 Max to automatically identify each room in the house, allowing users to define the exact sequence they want rooms cleaned, and even what level of suction to use in each room. An example of customization available with these features: Users can schedule a daily cleaning of their kitchen after breakfast every morning at full power!

You can order your own Roborock S4 Max right now for $429, direct from Amazon.

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