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Rumor: White iPhone 4 just never going to ship?

Building on yesterday's story of Apple announcing they wouldn't be releasing the white iPhone 4 until Spring 2011 comes new rumors that they've cancelled the phantom shade indefinitely, and will not be making it available whatsoever.  BGR reports:

According to a previous source of ours, we have been told that Apple in fact has no plans to release the white model iPhone 4.

With all of the mixed reports we've been seeing on the white iPhone lately, we don't know what to believe anymore.  It's possible that, due to the timeline and events played out so far, Apple may just wait until the iPhone 5 is released in summer 2011 before officially bringing the white iPhone to the table.  

What do you think? Will we ever see it? Do you even care anymore?  Sound off in the comments below!


by Andrew Wray

  • White is ugly so i don't care if it never ships
  • Honestly they shouldn't release it. It's not like they have to make a white version. Just chalk this one up as a loss and keep it moving. No big deal. Plus, why would anyone buy a White iPhone 4, three-four months before the release of the next iPhone? You've wait all that time...why not wait a bit more and get the updated version?...
  • Honestly, it's soo late in the year. They might as well wait. As everyone will be pissed when they buy their iPhones in the spring, and iPhone 5 releases late summer.
    APPLE, needs to tell everyone, "take it like a man, be easy, and die slow!"
  • I've been holding out for the white iPhone. some honest guidance to set reasonable expectations would be nice. I agree with Eagleyesmith that I might as well wait for iPhone 5 if I'm that stuck on white. Why white? it's different. Why wait? I don't know any more. my 3G is hella slow and I could really use an upgrade NOW.
  • Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?
  • Honestly, if it was me holding out for a white iPhone 4 and was in
    "cakes" situation with a slow 3G, I'd probably just bite on the black one already. Even if Apple saying that it would be out by next Spring, it's not worth the wait.
  • I honestly think they aren't gonna release the White iPhone 4. I was hoping to get it for christmas but that looks bleak now :/ i'm gonna just get the black one and be happy with it.
  • If you are really that interested in a white iphone. Go to and you can get the white cases and do it yourself. For me my black iphone 4 is awesome.
  • The white one is pretty,but my black one is just fine with me. I cant upgrade my second line until January. Hopefully the white one will be out then.
  • If they do release it, it'll throw off their iphone release schedule of one every june/july. I don't see it happening, they'll just release a white iPhone 5 - or try to forget they ever mentioned making a white phone and never ever speak of it again.
  • I can hold off on the iPhone 5. My 3G still works
  • Macboy15 you read too much rather than going to the actual source. The do it yourself kit was stopped a long time ago due to the complexity of the swap. Second I'm gonna send mine in and get it done because for me, it's all about selling this one to get my next one. I sold my 3G for $412 and I sold my 3G[S] (32GB white) for $470 2 weeks before the 4 was announced. And I've been on the early adopter plan for both models. Which has gotten me the new phone both times at new contract price. I will convert this one to white, they will be rare and I will get top dollar for it again when the 5 comes out. I've had them all as new and I plan on upgrading as soon as the next one is available.
  • White sucks.....its evolution baby!!!!!!!!!
  • @Cakes
    Yea, I was in the same position as you. I had a 3G, and it was time for my upgrade. I had already made my decision to get the white iPhone 4 when I saw the leaked photos. I waited as long as I could but after they delayed it a second time. I couldn't wait anymore. My 3G was already on it's last leg (broken home button, speakers were going out, sleep/wake button was broke) and when I upgraded to iOS4, everyone w/a 3G knows that story. So yea, Broken down 3G + iOS4 + the second delay = Me biting the bullet and getting the Black iPhone 4. I do wish that I could've gotten it in white. But whatever, it does the same thing. I'm just happy that I don't have to deal w/5 secs to open Messages, 3 secs to close messages. 5-7 to open the app...5-10 sec to load the app. Yea, just was brutal. Haha.
  • I think at this point they should just wait for the iPhone 5 and whenever they make the $99 iPhone 4 8/16 GB just make that one
  • If they are going sell them can Apple just give me one. Can someone go to the trash at Apple HQ and check to see if there is a suppressive White iphone that does have Homekey and mating the White paint of the phone and send it to me.
  • I'm sad.. and feel like a dummy for waiting, but whatever, gonna get my iPhone 4 next week. <3!
  • It's just a color! I don't understand what's the big deal?! It's not like the white one does anything extra over the black one. Why wait so many months over a stupid color. This whole time people could have had the black one and enjoy the power of this wonderful phone. Might as well wait for iPhone 5.
  • A company known for it's innovation can't produce a phone in white?
    No it's not too late for a white model. Do you think they just stopped selling the iPhone 4.
    At the end of the day, I can't imagine someone passing up to buy a phone because of it's colour.
  • Once you go black....
  • Im definately gonna pick up a black one next week. There is no way I would buy the white iPhone 4 in the spring a few months before the iPhone 5 comes out. Hoprfully Apple can manage a white 5 for me.
  • Does not suprise me. What does the announcement of one before they really had the process perfected. Most of us get cases to match our personality. A white phone would be a nice change, but no big deal.
  • Going to pick up my black iPhone 4 tomorrow.
  • Does Mosspuppet still have his white iPhone 4? I'll bet that Jony Ive and Stephen Fry have them.
  • It will be available the same time the iPhone 5 is available. Just like the 3GS to the i4.
  • White is like a luxury or a rarity. Most people are gonna buy a black iPhone & be still as happy, so it doesn't really matter. Apple knows this, that's why it's not releasing it sooner.
  • White is like a luxury or a rarity. Most people are gonna buy a black iPhone & be still as happy, so it doesn't really matter. Apple knows this, that's why it's not releasing it
  • White is femenine, why don't they come out with more different colors? I think they should add pink and silver to the addition. A silver one would be awesome!
  • Haha, it's just a White faceplate. Buy your own