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What you need to know

  • Apple has renewed its trademark on "Mammoth."
  • The action could mean that it is a contender to follow macOS Monterey next year.

"Mammoth" is back in the game as a potential name for the next version of macOS.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple has renewed its trademark on the "Mammoth" name, indicating that it could be a contender for the new name of macOS when it releases next year.

Apple was recently granted a trademark extension for the name "Mammoth" in the computer operating system category, hinting at a possible name for next year's release of macOS. The trademark extension was approved on November 16 according to filings. Apple's "Mammoth" trademark is owned by the shell corporation Yosemite Research LLC.

Yosemite Research LLC has previously collected and held onto Apple trademarks for macOS, including the name "Yosemite" for macOS 10.10. The shell company tends to transfer the trademark over to Apple Inc. once the company officially announces the name. "Mammoth" likely refers to Mammoth Lakes, California, a ski resort town in the Sierra mountains.

Back in June, Apple renewed its trademarks on the names of "Mammoth" and "Monterey." The second obviously went on to become this year's version of macOS when the company announced it at WWDC21.

Since "Mammoth" continues to be renewed, it could mean that it will be the next one to expect. If so, it will hopefully mean we are in for a huge release for the Mac next year.

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