Satechi today unveiled the latest addition to its line of USB-C peripherals: the USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter. The adapter, which plugs into two of your MacBook Pro's USB-C ports, can drive two 4K displays while simultaneous giving you additional ports for hooking up external storage, power, or Ethernet.

All told, the adapter has one 4K HDMI port at 60Hz, one 4K HDMI port at 30Hz, a USB-C PD charging port, Gigabit Ethernet, microSD and SD card readers, and two USB 3.0 ports. The adapter allows users to connect to two 4K monitors and extend the display across both, and combining all of that I/O into one hub means you don't have to carry around multiple different dongles and adapters to get your work done.

Its aluminium housing with silver or space gray finish is designed to complement your MacBook Pro, though it's not only compatible with the 2018 and 2019 MacBook Pro lines, but also the 2018 MacBook Air and Mac Mini releases.

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Satechi USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter

With the ability to drive two 4K displays as well as providing ports for pretty much anything else you'd need to plug in, the new Satechi USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter is an absolute power house. Right now you can make the most of a celebratory launch discount by entering the below code during checkout.

$87.99 $109.99 $22 off

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For those who simply want a dual display setup but do not need the additional ports, Satechi also announced the $65 USB-C Dual HDMI Adapter. It has the same patent pending dual-connector design and features two HDMI ports, both at 60Hz, for the extended 4K display setup. It also has a USB-C charging port to keep your laptop powered up. It's more compact than the Multimedia Adapter, though Satechi includes, and recommends using, a silicone covering with the adapter for use when both 4K 60Hz HDMI displays and power are being used simultaneously.

You can order both the USB-C Dual Multimedia Adapter and USB-C Dual HDMI Adapter at Amazon now, as well as directly at Satechi's website. Code DUALDISPLAY takes 20% off whichever adapter you order for a limited time at either store.

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