Nintendo Switch Oled ModelSource: Nintendo

What you need to know

  • SwitchBuddy is an iPhone app that makes it easier to handle screenshots.
  • A new update adds a special black and white color theme to celebrate the new Nintendo Switch OLED release.

SwitchBuddy, an iOS app designed to help people transfer their Nintendo Switch screenshots more easily, has a new update out — and it's all about celebrating the release of the hot new Nintendo Switch OLED.

With the new OLED-powered Switch coming in a rather fetching black and white theme, SwitchBuddy has been updated to include a gorgeous new theme to match.

To celebrate the launch of the new Nintendo Switch OLED model, which offers striking white and black colors, SwitchBuddy gets a new color theme to match the look of the new console.

This theme comes with a black background and white foreground elements. It perfectly matches the OLED model aesthetics.

That means that there are no new fewer than six different themes to use — including one that's inspired by Animal Crossing!

  • Blue & Red
  • Purple & Orange
  • Pink & Green
  • Dark blue & Yellow
  • Light blue & Light green (inspired by Animal Crossing)
  • Black & White (inspired by Switch OLED)

Haven't yet taken SwitchBuddy for a spin? You really should fix that! The app is available from the App Store right now and costs absolutely nothing.

SwitchBuddy makes it easier to transfer screenshots (and videos) from your Nintendo Switch console to your mobile device. After you connect the app to your Switch it loads all the screenshots (or video) and allows you to save everything with a single tap.

Now that your Switch screenshots are on point, why not treat yourself to one of the best Nintendo Switch games available today?

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