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What you need to know

  • Scribble Together now has an App Clip in iOS 14.
  • Users can scan a QR code to collaborate instantly on a whiteboard.
  • App Clips mean it can be done even with someone who doesn't have the app.

Scribble Together has released its App Clip for iOS 14, which will allow users to collaborate on a whiteboard even without the app.

The team showed off the new feature in a Tweet Thursday:

Apple announced App Clips for iOS 14 back at WWDC, which will work through either NFC or QR codes to let you download a small version of an app without actually installing it in order to use it quickly, for example, to pay for food or rent a bike or scooter.

Scribble Together has taken App Clips and turned it into a tool for collaboration using the QR feature:

One of the iOS 14 features that we're most stoked about is App Clips: an App Clip allows you to share and utilize a little portion of an app without needing to go to the App Store to find and download it. Yes, you can share your Scribble Together whiteboard instantly and collaborate with someone even if they don't have our app (yet).

As you can see from the video, using the feature is very simple. You can create a whiteboard and select 'Allow Guests to scribble' in the 'Add People menu', you can then share a link to your whiteboard through iMessage or as a QR code, which will open up the App Clip (if they have iOS 14), allowing you both to collaborate and draw on the same page even if one of you doesn't have the app. It will even support native app performance and Apple Pencil, as well as all of Scribble Together's features.

Scribble Together on iOS

Even if your friend doesn't have iOS 14, users can use the tool, they'll just be directed to a web app version of Scribble Together.

You can see the full explanation and the app in action here!

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