Should you buy Sega Genesis Classics for Nintendo Switch?

Should you buy Sega Genesis Classics for Nintendo Switch?

Best answer: If you are a fan of classic gaming, then you can't really beat the volume of games you get for this pretty amazing price.Amazon: Sega Genesis Classics ($30)

Sega Genesis Classics gives you a whole boatload of games at an awesome low price!

It seems as if just about every gaming company is releasing collections of their classic titles these days. Sometimes they come in their own bespoke boxes that are designed to look like the consoles that they were originally released on and sometimes they come in the form of a standalone collection. Sega Genesis Classics comes down in the latter category, but it gives you just about everything you'll need from a nostalgia collection.

The problem I've experienced with many of these collections is with volume. Many companies have released collections that feel more like a cash grab than a gift to their longtime fans, with many games that might not worth be playing or that just aren't worth the money you paid for it. Fortunately, when Sega put together this collection they didn't hold back. For thirty bucks you will get fifty classic Sega Genesis titles. That is a pretty amazing deal when you think about it and it goes miles beyond any other recent retro collections.

For example, the NES Classic comes with 30 games, the SNES Classic comes with 20, and the recently-released PlayStation Classic comes with 20. To top it all off, the Sega Genesis Classics costs less than any of the aforementioned collections, and you can play it all on your Nintendo Switch.

I also think that they gave us a good mix of games. You will have some top-tier titles like Sonic and Golden Axe, some forgotten gems like Comix Zone and Kid Chameleon, and even some bizarre artifacts from gaming's yesteryear like Flicky. When you consider the sheer volume of potential gaming time provided by this collection, picking it up seems like a no-brainer.

Jaz Brown