Signeasy Scribble ScreenshotSource: SignEasy

What you need to know

  • SignEasy has a big iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 update.
  • It takes advantage of a ton of the new features those updates offer.
  • Scribble, widgets, App Clips. It's all here.

Signing documents might not be something that most of us do all that often in 2020, but that doesn't mean it has to be a nightmare when we do do it. SignEasy is already a great way to sign documents on iPhones and iPads and its big new update is better than ever. And it takes advantage of all the new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 bells and whistles, too.

RIght out the gate, SignEasy means business because it offers an App Clip. Something I haven't seen offered in many other apps.

Like a small flavor sample at an ice cream shop, this feature introduces users to a relevant "clip" of a mobile app instead of prompting them to download the whole thing. Thanks to this sleek new feature, instead of installing the SignEasy app on your device, you will get a segment of it that will allow you to sign a document. The clip is triggered by a nearby NFC tag, a scanned QR code, or a Smart App Banner in Safari.

And that's exactly right. You can sign without needing to first have the full SignEasy app installed. And that's pretty cool.

Even cooler is support for Scribble on iPad, allowing users to turn their handwritten text into computer text on the fly. All thanks to iOS 14.

With the launch of iPadOS 14, the Apple pencil has become an even more powerful tool for iPad! Now, anything you write on-screen can be converted into typed text automagically using the Scribble function.

So far, so good. But no iOS 14 update would be complete without widgets, would it?

Signeasy Widget ScreenshotSource: SignEasy

The SignEasy widget acts as a window into your document workflows, displaying all of your important tasks and alerts in a single handy location. Users can also pin frequently used documents to the widget for quick, easy access.

There's more to enjoy here as well, including cursor support for those using an iPad.

All of this is available right now, assuming you're running iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. You can download SignEasy from the App Store for free – with in-app purchases – now.

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