Silk Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case review: Thin but tough

Generally, thicker cases offer more protection than thin ones do, but the Silk Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case strikes a nice balance between the two at an excellent price point. It's definitely on the slimmer side, while still protecting your phone from bumps and drops. Plus, its grippy edges can help prevent drops in the first place. A screen protector is included with the case.

The Good

  • Thin
  • Protective
  • Grippy
  • Inexpensive
  • Fun color choices
  • Screen protector included
  • Wireless charging-compatible

The Bad

  • Plastic

Solid case

Silk Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case: Features

Silk Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case

The Silk Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case is a basic iPhone case. But it does an excellent job of protecting your phone without adding a lot of bulk. It's a plastic case with a matte, frosted finish. The back is smooth to the touch. The edges are textured to add grip, but they are not sticky. You won't have trouble slipping this in and out of your pocket, nor will the case collect lint.

Silk calls the case corners "air-pocket corners." I can't see any visible air pockets, but when I press the corners with the iPhone in the case, I can feel the tiniest bit of space in there. Since the corners are a vulnerable part of the phone, it's nice to have that little bit extra there. Still, the case fits nicely and isn't bulky at all. Wireless charging works fine with this case on your iPhone.

There are cutouts for the camera, mute switch, speakers, and Lightning port. The button covers for the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons are satisfyingly clicky. The edges of the case come up just over the phone's bezel. So, if you set your phone face down, your screen will not contact the surface.

This is a solid case that will cover most people's needs.

A screen protector is included with the purchase of this case. The screen protector is the less popular plastic style, not tempered glass. It's not part of the case itself, so you don't have to use if you don't like it.

The Silk logo is tastefully embossed on the back of the phone. It's also embossed on the inside of the case. along with Silk's website address.

The case comes in several colors. Choose from Black Tie Affair (black), Blues on the Green (teal), Nothin' to Hide (clear), Red Rover Red Rover (burgundy), and Flavor of the Month (teal with flowers). You can also customize your own case for an upcharge, but you are still choosing from Silk's colors and patterns. You cannot upload your own logo or monogram.

Great value

Silk Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case: What I like

This is a solid case that will cover most people's needs. It gives your phone some decent protection without adding a lot of bulk. I appreciate the grippy textured edges and the clicky button covers. I like the selection of colors you can choose from. While some people are always just going to want black or clear, some of us like more unusual colors. And though it costs a little extra, I do like the fun patterns you can add with the customization option.

Silk Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case

Not fancy

Silk Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case: What I don't like

If you're looking for a luxurious case to dress up your phone, this isn't it. This is plastic. It does not have extra features, such as a card pocket to hold your credit cards or anything like that.

Great all around

Silk Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case: Bottom line

You can't go wrong with this case. It won't bulk up your phone but it will protect it. The grippy edges will help prevent drops. You can choose from several colors and patterns. While it's plastic, it looks nice and it won't break the bank. It even comes with a screen protector. If you don't need bells and whistles, Silk's Kung Fu Grip iPhone Case is an excellent choice.

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