SkyBell releases a successor to its smart doorbell with improved Wi-Fi performance

SkyBell version 2.0 has just been released, enabling home owners to purchase the smart doorbell successor that hooks up to your Wi-Fi network and to a supported smartphone or tablet. Gone were the days of checking who is at the front door. With SkyBell installed, all you need to do is go through the app and use the built-in camera and speaker to communicate with whoever appears to be on your property. This second version of the doorbell brings a better camera and improved wireless performance.

When firing up the app on your chosen device, SkyBell will open up the available video feed in under five seconds, further cutting the delay before being able to see who is at the door. Speaking of which the new camera sports a 140-degree lens for wide-angle viewing.

That's not all for SkyBell either. The company has teased that cloud DVR features are in the works, as well as support for timers, so the device will only be active with motion sensors at certain times of each day. You can grab SkyBell 2.0 today for $199. Available in silver and bronze finishes with app support for both Android and iOS.

Source: SkyBell, via: SlashGear

Rich Edmonds