Slingshot Braves pulls back and fires onto iOS

Role-playing games are a dime a dozen on the App Store. How does a new RPG stand out? Slingshot braves from Japanese developer COLOPL does so by using a unique slingshot mechanic. Pull back on your hero, let go, and watch him or her fly into the enemy like a cue ball. It’s a different and surprisingly fun way to kill monsters on your iPhone or iPad.

Read on to learn about more features like online co-op that make this free to play RPG worth a download.

Slingshot warriors

Slingshot Braves fires onto iOS

After engaging in one of those climactic teaser battles that shows you what the game is going to be like, players awaken in the building of a heroes’ guild. The first thing you’ll do is customize your anime-style character from a too-small assortment of pieces. Then comes the fun part: deciding on your slingshot.

Slingshot Braves initially offers three main types of slingshots, each of which affects the mechanics of a character’s attacks (two more types unlock later). All can be aimed simply by pulling back on a character and then releasing.

 Attacks with the blade cause a character to ricochet around until he or she stops hitting targets, not unlike a pinball. The lance pierces through multiple enemies in a straight line, usually reflecting off the wall for extra hits. The hammer strikes all enemies within a certain radius, usually producing massive combos as a result.

The choice of weapon for your main character won’t lock you down too tightly, as the other two weapons are shared by your second and third party members. Players only control two characters at a time during battle, but either one can be swapped out for the third in order to recharge health or mix up combat strategies. Team combos are easy to set up and add extra damage to each character’s assaults.


Slingshot Braves fires onto iOS

Another cool aspect of the game beyond the great combat system is the co-op mode. These can be played either by local Wi-Fi or online. The matchmaking system and menus are extremely clunky, but you should be able to find a partner eventually. Or you could add me as a friend! Go to Friends, pick Find Friend, and then enter PACEVEDO to send a friend request.

During co-op missions, each player takes only two characters into a battle – no third wheels allowed. Both human partners will take turns attacking the enemies and can even combo off of each other. If one person gets disconnected, the AI will automatically fill in for the other player. Even if you die, your partner can go on to win the mission and earn rewards for you both!

Free to role-play

Slingshot Braves fires onto iOS

Slingshot Braves uses the common stamina system to encourage in-app purchases. Each mission players go on will drain a little stamina. Your stamina bar increases as you level up, but you’re bound to run out if you play a lot. Stamina refills cost gems, the premium currency. Other uses for gems include expanding your storage, changing your character’s appearance, and playing the “Gacha” game to win random premium items.

Even the most dedicated Japanese RPG enthusiasts must admit that turn-based battles can get old after a while. Slingshot Braves flies right past that obstacle with its slingshot-based fights and optional co-op battles. Hopefully COLOPL continues to support Slingshot Braves with more content and special events in the future. Pull back and give this one a try!

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  • Looks awesome! I'm gonna try this out.
  • Going to Cross post this from Android Central. Here are some tips I use since I've been playing for a few weeks. My invite code is on Android, so I won't post it here, but I hope you enjoy this game like I have. 1.) Combo off your other character for stronger attacks. This will get you farther. (This is sometimes overlooked but is the most important mechanic in the game)
    2.) Have at least 1 lance to keep combos up, or use skills to make sure you don't drop your combo.
    3.) Build combos using a character with a fist weapon to get to higher damage amounts more quickly if you are having a problem finishing a level.
    4.) Experience is mainly received by doing story quests not coop quests, if you find yourself running out of energy a lot try to make some progression through the story or repeat story quests to increase stamina.
    5.) Get weapons to a decent level then focus on defense. I've found my priority is: Weapon to an ok level (15-20) Helm to an ok level (10-15) then focus on chest armor. The higher the chest armor the less damage you will take and eventually things will and health pool doesn't mean that much. When using combos correctly you won't have to worry about having a high weapon level eventually your weapons will do a lot of damage regardless.
    6.) Coin quests on weekends, take part in playing these to advance your character quickly. If it's a coop coin quest play the 3 star one and try to team up with a high level person, if you keep the combo going they will carry you even if you are a low level and wouldn't normally be able to complete the quest.
    7.) When upgrading equipment if you have your phone rotation locked (Part of the settings) if you want to get Awesome! rating for upgrade shake the hand holding the phone as you move your finger, this will give extra momentum to get an awesome rating.