New Eve Motion gets light sensor, Thread support, and more

Eve Motion Sensor
(Image credit: Eve)

Maker of all things smart home Eve has today unveiled the second generation of its Eve Motion sensor with support for networking standard Thread and a new integrated light sensor. 

The new Eve Motion comes with an integrated light sensor that goes along with its motion sensor to help trigger it as soon as you enter a room. Eve Motion can be used in conjunction with all sorts of other smart home devices, but the light sensor now means you can set parameters and behaviors based on light levels or the time of day.

The Eve Motion uses HomeKit to send a notification or trigger automations when motion is detected, such as turning on your lights, playing music, or starting a fan. You can set the sensitivity using the app. The Motion uses 2xAAA batteries and has a newly redesigned compact enclosure with IPX3 water-resistance. It also has a 120-degree field of view and 9 meters of range. 

A new generation of smart home

The new Eve Motion also includes a very important update in the form of support for new mesh networking standard Thread, a pillar of future smart home standard Matter which is being adopted by the likes of Apple, Google, Amazon, and more to create a standard of smart home networking that will make devices interoperable like never before. 

To use Eve Motion you'll need an iPhone or an iPad, and if you want to use it away from the home you'll need a HomeKit hub, either an Apple TV or a HomePod to act as a go-between. 

The new Eve Motion is available today at the price of just $39.95, which is cheaper than the old one!

Jerome Gackel, CEO of Eve Systems said "combining wireless motion and light sensors, Eve Motion is the essential tool to automate your HomeKit smart home.”

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