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What you need to know

  • Some users are experiencing problems using their Personal Hotspot.
  • The problem is affecting iOS 13 and iPadOS 13.
  • Issues include an inability to use the feature altogether or constant disconnection.

As the coronavirus continues to disrupt businesses across the world, many of us are relying on working from home right now. For some, the Personal Hotspot on their iPhone or iPad can be a useful or even critical feature to have at the ready if you need to connect your Mac to the internet and don't have a WiFi connection handy.

Unfortunately, it sounds like some users are experiencing issues with the feature. Reported by MacRumors, Apple reached out to its Authorized Service Providers to notify them that they may see customers experiencing a problem when trying to use Personal Hotspot on iOS 13 or iPadOS 13.

According to the internal document, Apple informed its partners that users may find they are unable to connect a device to their iPhone or iPad's hotspot or experience frequent disconnection while trying to use the feature. Customers may also have issues with overall data performance when using their device as a hotspot.

Unfortunately, it does not sound like there is a quick fix for those who are having the issue. Apple is instructing service providers to use the age-old IT trick and turn Personal Hotspot off and back on.

The problem appears to be a software issue with the current version of iOS 13 for iPhone and iPad, and will hopefully be cleared up when Apple updates users to iOS 13.4.