Macos Big Sur In Flight SimulatorSource: Matt Birchler

What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 game is ridiculously realistic.
  • Someone used its impressive graphics to recreate some of the iconic macOS wallpapers.
  • They look every bit as great as the originals.

Apple's macOS updates come with some pretty great new wallpapers and the upcoming macOS Big Sur is no different. Anyone wanting to recreate them would normally need to hire a helicopter and have a pretty impressive camera. But Matt Birchler was able to recreate them using nothing more than Microsoft's latest Flight Simulator 2020 game.

Using nothing more than a keen sense of direction, Birchler was able to find the right spots and then fly there from the nearest airport in-game. And because Flight Simulator gives gamers control over the time of day and weather conditions, he was able to create multiple versions of some of the Big Sur wallpaper. And Apple should probably have used one of these instead of their photo!

Macos Big Sur In Flight Simulator At NightSource: Matt Birchler

So how'd I get these? Well, as far as I can tell there isn't a centralized place where you can get the GPS coordinates for these places, so you kinda have to figure it out yourself. Thanks fully, that wasn't too hard for a couple these since they were on the coast at very specific places.

Adobe's Lightroom was employed to add the finishing touches and the results are pretty impressive, I'm sure you'll agree!