Sonos Boost now available to strengthen signal to wireless speakers

The Sonos Boost is now available for everybody looking to solidify the connectivity in their wireless home speaker system. Boost will act a lot like Bridge, in that it's a dedicated hub for your Sonos speakers that plugs right into your home Wi-Fi router. Boost or Bridge is something of a necessity if you're using Sonos as a surroundsound system for your TV.

Sonos claims that the Boost can also neutralize ambient wireless noise in order to maintain a solid connection to speakers, which was never a primary selling point for the older Bridge product.

Not too long ago, Sonos announced that they would be enabling their speakers to work over Wi-Fi alone, but for low latency functions like TV systems, it seems like a dedicated hub is still necessary. For the quality you get from Sonos speakers, it's worth the mild inconvenience of having to make room next to your router.

You can go ahead and grab one from Best Buy now for $99.99. How many of you guys have a Sonos system already? Do you ever find the connectivity cuts out? Anybody using more than one Sonos speaker for their TV?

Source: Sonos

Simon Sage

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