Sonos finally brings Alexa integration to its speakers in public beta form

Sonos has announced that a new public beta software update that will become available today will finally bring the long-awaited Alexa voice controls along with it. The feature has been in testing in private beta until this point but will work on all current-generation Sonos speakers.

You will need an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or another Alexa-powered device in order for this to work. There will be an Alexa skill that you will have to enable through your Alexa app. The firmware update and Alexa skill should be available shortly. Tidal, iHeart, Audible, Pandora and other streaming services will be adding direct controls for the integration, and AirPlay 2 will make its way to Sonos in the future.

Sonos also announced that its platform will be completely open in 2018, featuring a "Works with Sonos" system to enable anyone to add their service to the Sonos experience.

Jared DiPane

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