Sonos unveiled the long-rumored and highly anticipated Sonos One — its first speaker that integrates Amazon's Alexa assistant — back on October 4. Today, the speaker was finally made available for preorder on Amazon.

Sonos One looks a lot like (and is very much based off of) the Play:1, which was Sonos' entry-level — but still excellent — speaker. The big difference here is the inclusion of a six-microphone array — and the integration of Alexa, of course. The top of Sonos One is touch-sensitive, so you can tap to mute or swipe to skip a song you're listening to.

Sonos One is also able to control all of Sonos' other speakers, but really, Sonos sees it as the one speaker to rule them all. In 2018 it'll be a fully open platform, allowing any music service to work with Sonos. Currently, the Sonos One can play music directly from Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and SiriusXM. Support for Spotify is expected to be added soon. You can also choose to listen to hundreds of other streaming services with the Sonos app or through Apple's AirPlay 2. Support for Google Assistant (yes, in addition to Alexa, so you can choose between the two) will also arrive in 2018.

Sonos one comes in a black or white color option, and is priced at $199.

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