Speck Presidio Wallet iPhone Case review: Functional protection

Speck is known for its protective cases, and the Presidio Wallet is no exception. With 10 feet of drop protection, you can feel confident with this dual layer case on your phone. You also may be able to leave your wallet at home, because the clever wallet slot on the back of the case securely holds up to three credit or ID cards.

The Good

  • Highly protective
  • Securely holds up to three cards.  
  • Comes in multiple appealing colors.
  • Easy to get on and off

The Bad

  • Looks odd without cards in slot.
  • Cannot use with wireless charger if cards are in the slot.

Excellent protection and function

Speck Presidio Wallet Case: What I like

This is an excellent quality case. It has a hard polycarbonate outer shell and an softer inner IMPACTIUM™ lining, which are molded together to offer 10 feet of drop protection. The matte finish is scratch and fingerprint-resistant. The raised bezel comes well over the phone screen so that if you place the phone face down, the screen doesn't make contact with the surface. Hard cases can be hard put on and remove, but Speck has a solution: the corners are made of a flexible material that gives the case some flex.

There are precision cut-outs for the Ring/Silent switch, camera, speaker, and Lightning connector. There are raised button covers for Volume up/down buttons and a Side button. The case doesn't interfere with the functionality of any of these.

Wireless charging works with the case on, but if you put cards in the slot, it no longer works.

Though it does not say so on Speck's website, I was surprised to find that wireless charging still works with this case on. However, once you put cards in the slot, wireless charging no longer works.

The card slot on the back of the case can hold up to three cards. From the outside, it looks like your cards might easily fall out, especially if you only put one or two in the slot. This isn't so. There is a rubbery bump inside the slot that holds the cards securely in place, regardless of how many you put in there.

The case I have is the Cathedral Grey/Smoke Grey. The polycarbonate case itself is Cathedral Grey while the IMPACTIUM™ lining and trim are Smoke Grey. It also comes in Black/Black, Mars Red/Velvet Red, Eclipse Blue/Carbon Black, and Cabbage Purple/Vintage Purple. The case is available in all three of the latest iPhone sizes (as well as older models), though not every color is available in every size.

No wireless charging with cards in the slot

Speck Presidio Wallet Case: What I don't like

The card slot on the back is a bit of a Catch-22. If you don't put cards in it, the case is bulkier than necessary and a bit funny-looking. But, if you do put cards in it, then you will not be able to charge your iPhone wirelessly.

Also, this is a plastic case. If you prefer a case made from more expensive-looking materials, this isn't the case for you. While it's not a cheap case, what you are paying for is the superior protection and the wallet functionality.

Overall great case

Speck Presidio Wallet Case: Bottom line

This is a high-quality, dual-layer case that protects your phone from drops up to 10 feet. In addition, a molded card slot on the back securely holds up to three cards so you might be able to leave your wallet at home. We docked some points since it's made of plastic and doesn't exactly look expensive. Plus, if you use the wallet aspects of the case, you won't be able to use wireless charging! Otherwise, this is a good-looking case that'll leave you feeling confident that your new phone won't hit the ground and shatter.

Karen S Freeman

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