Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case review: Extra shine

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Protect your iPhone with this simple, lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) case. It's not just a clear case, though. This one is infused with sparkly but tasteful glitter.

The Good

  • Lightweight, slim, flexible case
  • Clear case shows off Apple logo
  • Sparkly glitter elevates look
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Bargain-priced

The Bad

  • Too much writing on the case

Thermoplastic polyurethane

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case: Features

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case

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We love our Spigen cases here at iMore. Spigen makes a nice variety of cases in different styles and with different features. Spigen's cases are generally great quality cases at low prices. This particular case caught my eye because I love cases that add some panache to my look. I realize that sparkle may not be to your taste, but I can almost guarantee that several other of Spigen's cases will be.

Thermoplastic polyurethane, commonly known as TPU, is a transparent, flexible, rubbery plastic that resists oil and scratches. These properties make it pretty great for smartphone cases, which is why it's so commonly used for that purpose. Personally, I like to be able to see my iPhone and the Apple logo through my case. But, I get bored with just a totally clear case sometimes and like to switch it up. Spigen's Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case is so cute. The glitter makes the case more splashy but doesn't go overboard into gaudy. Rest assured, the tiny glitter particles are completely embedded into the TPU, there is no chance of glitter shedding off of the case and onto you. The glitter is in the case, not on it, so it doesn't add any texture.

The iPhone is fully functional within the case. Button covers protect the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons without hindering their use. Cutouts for the camera module, mute switch, Lightning port, and speakers do the same. The camera cutout has a slight lip to protect the camera lens when the phone is placed face up. The edge of the case has a lip that protects the screen when you place the phone face down. The entire case is quite flexible; it's easy to put on and take off. Yet it keeps its shape and fits the phone well.

The infusion of pretty glitter adds a touch of glamour to this clear TPU case.

The case is thin, just 0.12 inches thick, so it doesn't add a lot of bulk to your phone. The corners of the case have a little something Spigen calls Aircushion Technology. It looks to be just a little square-shaped indentation in the corners, providing a little extra cushion in case you drop the phone on its corner. The inside of the case has a little bit of texture, this keeps the case from sticking to the iPhone like TPU cases sometimes do. There is no texture on the outside of the case for grip, however. I didn't find the case to be particularly slippery, but if your hands tend to be moist, you might.

This case comes in two colors: Crystal Quartz as seen in my photos, and Rose Quartz. It's available for every model iPhone from the iPhone 7 up through the current models. It's also available for other non-Apple smartphones.


Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case: What I like

I just love the look of this case and will keep it in regular rotation. Spigen's Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case is quite slim and light, yet it offers some decent protection. It has that touch of whimsy I like, but it's still sophisticated enough to use when I'm dressed up. The case doesn't take away from any of the functionality of the phone, and you can see the Apple logo through the case.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case

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Too much branding

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case: What I don't like

I don't mind an inconspicuous logo on my iPhone case, and this one does have "spigen" and the logo engraved along one side. That alone would be fine, but for some reason, there's a lot more written on this case. On top, it says "AIR CUSHION TECHNOLOGY" with an arrow pointing to the corner cushion. "Spigen Inc in Irvine California Made in South Korea IXI LQ #2" is engraved along the other side. None of it is large or intrusive, and frankly reading it was a real vision test, but it's just a little bit odd.

Great overall case

Spigen Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case: Bottom line

Spigen is a longtime favorite brand amongst the iMore crew with good reason. The company is known for its great quality cases at great prices. If you don't love glitter as much as I do, Spigen will certainly have a case more in your wheelhouse. The Liquid Crystal Glitter iPhone Case is a thin and flexible clear TPU case that is substantive enough to offer your iPhone some protection. It's infused with pretty glitter that adds a touch of glamour.

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