Spotify WidgetSource: Lupolo

What you need to know

  • Spotify is testing an iOS 14 widget.
  • The new addition has appeared in the latest Spotify beta.
  • It's available to TestFlight users now.

Spotify is testing a new set of widgets for iOS 14, the new feature is available to TestFlight users of the Spotify beta now!

As noted by 9to5Mac:

Now native support for the feature has surfaced in the Spotify beta.

Thanks to 9to5Mac reader Yo Nel, we got a look at Spotify's iOS home screen widget implementation. For now, it includes two sizes, small and medium, and looks similar to the Apple Music widgets that have been available since iOS 14 launched.

Images posted to Reddit reveal that Spotify is working on a couple of different sizes of widget, in at least the 'small' and 'medium' sizes, there don't appear to be any images of the largest widget size out there yet.

Whilst the feature is available in the Spotify beta for TestFlight users, it doesn't look like the feature actually works yet. All of the screenshots show templates for widgets devoid of any actual music content, so whilst there isn't any functionality available yet, we can at least confirm that Spotify is looking into the idea.

As noted in reports, it looks like there are no 'Now Playing' controls, for example to play, pause, or skip tracks. As MacRumors notes, Apple only allows widgets to present 'read-only' information, rather than interactive content.

The widget looks roughly similar to Apple's own Apple Music Widget in terms of functionality, displaying boxes that will presumably be populated with artwork for music or podcasts.

Widgets was one of the biggest changes made to iOS with the release of iOS 14, and the feature has started a viral trend of iOS Home Screen customization.