State of Decay developers Undead Labs announce iPhone and iPad RPG Moonrise

Undead Labs, the development team behind the popular zombie action game State of Decay for the Xbox 360 and PC platforms, have just revealed their plans to launch their first game for mobile platforms like the iPhone and iPad, a fantasy RPG called Moonrise.

Here's a quick description of the game:

"Set off on an epic adventure to fulfill your destiny and become a master Warden. Journey to the far reaches of the world, discovering ancient ruins and braving the untamed wildlands as you search for magical Solari that inhabit every corner of the world to join your growing team. Collect hundreds of unique and powerful creatures, and help them grow and evolve into even more exciting forms. Lead your Solari into battle with a sophisticated but easy to learn real-time battle system, as you cleanse the Lunari of the corrupting effects of Moonrise and challenge other Wardens and players around the world for pride and rewards.'

Kabam will publish Moonrise, with a planned release sometime in early 2015. A beta version of the game will be released sometime this fall. What do you think of Moonrise?

Source: Moonrise game site

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