Sunrise Calendar caters to the ultra-productive among us

Sunrise Calendar has come a long way since its initial release almost two years ago. It has evolved from a basic calendar app that only worked with Google and offered but a few social hooks to a productivity powerhouse that now supports iCloud and Exchange and offers a ton of app integrations. Not only that, Sunrise it also available as a dedicated Mac app.

Sunrise Calendar's killer feature is the way it works with other apps. LinkedIn, Facebook, Evernote, Trello, and Foursquare are popular examples. In some cases, Sunrise Calendar just pulls in information from these apps. In other cases, like with Evernote, there is proper sync between them so not only can you view Evernote reminders and tasks, you can actually manipulate them in Sunrise and sync them right back to your Evernote account. Fancy, eh?

Foursquare checkins, Facebook events and birthdays, and LinkedIn information can also be viewed inside Sunrise Calendar. If you have appointments with people, you can even tap right into their LinkedIn information to learn more about them. If you hate Facebook events like I do, because Facebook has consistently failed to provide a decent way to manage them, you'll be happy to know Sunrise Calendar shows them at the top in your inbox. Simply swipe sideways on any one of them and you can accept, decline, or — like I do — ignore them.

Sunrise Calendar: A calendar app for the ultra productive

If you use Trello as a productivity tool, Sunrise Calendar is a must-have. Not only can Sunrise show you all your cards with due dates, you can also share them and receive notifications as due dates approach. We use Trello for iMore as a content planning tool and we've all learned that Trello notifications are hit or miss. With Sunrise Calendar, they get much closer to a can't-miss.

Sunrise Calendar: A calendar app for the ultra productive

The only thing still missing from Sunrise Calendar is the ability to integrate native Reminders lists. You can use Evernote reminders instead but Apple's built-in Reminders is better for shopping lists, lets you share with other iOS users even if they don't have Evernote accounts, and is accessible via Siri. Hopefully Sunrise adds this sooner rather than later.

Overall, Sunrise offers a ton of functionality in a well-designed package. For those that prefer their apps more on the minimalist side, Sunrise Calendar may not fit the bill. But for those that are concerned with productivity and app integration over anything else, Sunrise is one of the best options available.

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  • Love the app, but can't use it until it supports Exchange. Despite what this review says above, the OS X app settings indicates that Exchange support is coming, but it is not available yet.
  • It does support least on iOS it already does
  • There's a big difference between supporting Exchange on iOS and supporting Exchange on OS X. Or even their web app. I'd like to be able to look at my Google (personal) and Exchange (work) calendars on the same screen, and have that screen be a DESKTOP-SIZED screen with a KEYBOARD. Honestly I'm sick of this app, it's dragged its feet for YEARS on Exchange support across all devices, always with "coming soon!" and "Oh hey we just added support for [insert random service with 20 users here]" messages to distract us from the fact that even though they have some great graphic designers on staff, they have no concept of project management or prioritization. Lack of Exchange support is always the problem noted in comment sections on reviews of this app (at least from my extremely-frustrated-by-now perspective). I am so sick of it being touted as so amazing when it fails to integrate the two most popular [citation needed] calendar applications in more than just mobile apps...while spending so much time on other integrations with apps of questionable value. AND THEY WERE JUST BOUGHT BY MICROSOFT!!! COME ON SUNRISE! GET IT TOGETHER!!! AHHHH But it is very pretty. And I like the Evernote reminders. But it's lack of Exchange support drives me insane.
  • Hi Allyson, Can you take a look at Veloxy. It has great features like deep calendar insights, salesforce connectivity, tasks, contacts etc. Here is the link to download the app: Thanks
  • Allyson, I read all your reviews and find them informative. So I will check out sunrise. You should take a look at Beweather 2 to review. The developer hangs out in the iMore forums getting feedback: I think this is one of the best weather apps if not the best (I have tried most). I have no relation to the developer but think someone at iMore should look at this app.
  • Ally wrote about it when it launched. We'll likely get back to weather apps again at some point as well.
  • Rene, the developer released a new version Beweather 2 in the fall of 2014 with many more features, customizations, and radar mapping. The developer has an full iPad version in beta so maybe when that gets released it would be a good time look at it again?
  • Please read the privacy policy of this app. This is an app made and given for free solely for the purpose of collecting user data. And how they say they can use the data is just crazy..
  • Exactly my thoughts. I wonder why people don't care. They mostly do in other cases.
  • I was just about to install to test out. I'll be reading the privacy policy now. Thanks for the heads-up! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Do you think this is any different than Google? I don't see anything in their Privacy Policy that is any different. Do you use anything from Google?
  • I often see Sunrise mentioned next to Fantastical 2 in most "Best of" lists. As a Fantastical user, what extra would Sunrise offer me? Not considering switching or anything - I love Fantastical - but just want to know what's out there.
  • I like Sunrise but like you, it won't replace Fantastical 2. It's pretty much preference between the two. I prefer fantasticals interface and design but some people like app integration like sunrise offers.
  • Thanks, Allyson.
  • Used fantastical 2 for awhile but it really doesn't make daily calendar use any better or smoother or anything. So back to stock I went :) Sent from the iMore App
  • try Veloxy It has much more features like deep calendar insights, salesforce connectivity, tasks, contacts etc
  • I have found no calendar app that betters Fantastical 2. Sent from the iMore App
  • Did you try Veloxy? It has much more features like deep calendar insights, salesforce connectivity, tasks, contacts etc
  • Sunrise is good but Veloxy is better. It has much more features like deep calendar insights, salesforce connectivity, tasks, contacts etc