Support for Siri integration added to Google Maps and Waze

What you need to know

  • Google Maps and Waze have been updated to include Siri integration in iOS 13 and CarPlay.
  • You can launch directions in one of those apps by asking Siri.
  • The updates are out now along with iOS 13.

Now that iOS 13 is officially available, apps are receiving some nice updates, including Google Maps and Waze, which now supports Siri integration.

The features works by instructing Siri to show you directions in the respective app. Apple actually teased the feature at WWDC by showing a screengrab of Siri and Waze together via CarPlay.

For example, you can say, "Hey Siri, show me directions to the airport using Waze," and Waze will launch with the directions you asked for. It works the same way with Google Maps.

If you don't specify which app you want Siri to use, your device will default to Apple Maps. Speaking of which, Apple Maps has received a major overhaul in iOS 13, with improved detail, favorites, and a Look Around feature that's similar to Google's Street View.

The updates for Google Maps and Waze are available now.

Brandon Russell