iOS 13Source: Rene Ritchie/iMore

What you need to know

  • A report claims iOS 13.4.1 may be in beta soon.
  • The Verifier claims the release is coming in "days".
  • It would bring fixes to several bugs including a recent VPN vulnerability.

A report from The Verifier claims that iOS 13.4.1 may soon be in beta.

According to the report:

IOS 13 development has come to fruition and all the features that Apple announced in June 2019 have been integrated into the system with a host of updates. However, we now report that the company plans to launch the iOS 13.4.1 update in the coming days with several fixes, including the security hole discovered during the use of the private VPN connection, which allowed sites to track the user's real information for minutes and in some cases, also several hours.

Last week it was reported that an iOS VPN could lead to user data and IP addresses being leaked. From that report:

A report from Bleeping Computer claims that there's an unpatched vulnerability in iOS VPN security that could lead to user data or IP addresses being leaked.

According to the report:

A currently unpatched security vulnerability affecting iOS 13.3.1 or later prevents virtual private networks (VPNs) from encrypting all traffic and can lead to some Internet connections bypassing VPN encryption to expose users' data or leak their IP addresses.

While connections made after connecting to a VPN on your iOS device are not affected by this bug, all previously established connections will remain outside the VPN's secure tunnel as ProtonVPN disclosed.

iOS 13.4 was released to the public on March 24, and you can find full instructions regarding how to download it here. You'll also be able to find information regarding the installation of the next iOS 13.4.1 beta as and when it's released. There is no way to verify this report, however, given there are still bugs that need to be ironed out within iOS 13, it's likely another beta is on the way soon.

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